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#988 configure IP tables to only pass required ports on I2 Stitching AM I2AM luke fowler <> major SPIRAL5
#989 Add Flash policy server to stitching AM I2AM major SPIRAL5
#1008 ION AM should trust GENI Clearinghouse I2AM major SPIRAL5
#1009 ION AM should report OSCARS errors in sliverstatus I2AM major SPIRAL5
#1010 ION AM should restrict requests to endpoints/vlans in the Ad I2AM major SPIRAL5
#1013 tag and formally release the ION AM software I2AM major SPIRAL5
#1015 Log slice creator, email when creating ION slices I2AM major SPIRAL5
#1017 Enforce capacity restrictions on requests I2AM major SPIRAL5
#1018 Errors running latest ION AM code I2AM major SPIRAL5
#1019 ION AM Ad lists wrong AM URL I2AM major SPIRAL5
#1020 ION AM Ad does not use stitching namespace I2AM critical SPIRAL5
#1021 malformed request results in malformed manifest I2AM major SPIRAL5
#1026 getversion reports wrong ION URN I2AM major SPIRAL5
#1027 use a cert with the correct URN I2AM Aaron Helsinger major SPIRAL5
#1028 Support RenewSliver (API v2) method on ION AM I2AM major SPIRAL5
#1029 Enforce checking VLAN ID of stitching links in request RSpec I2AM major SPIRAL5
#1030 add geni_expires in sliverstatus reply I2AM minor SPIRAL5
#1031 "No such site" error reported when new project is added to Stitching Compute Service (SCS) I2AM major SPIRAL5
#1032 The ION aggregate should trust I2AM major SPIRAL5
#1036 Advertisement rspec for internet2 aggregate does not pass rspeclint I2AM minor SPIRAL5
#1037 Advertisement rspec for PG and IG does not pass rspeclint STITCHING somebody minor SPIRAL5
#1040 Shutdown of stitched slice fails with Internal Error at PG and IG aggregates STITCHING somebody major SPIRAL5
#1041 Shutdown of stitched slice fails with non existing record at I2 aggregate STITCHING major SPIRAL5
#1043 Unable to renewsliver or get sliverstatus at internet2 aggregate for active slivers exchanging traffic STITCHING major SPIRAL5
#1045 ION/I2 Aggregate fails to create circuit 51 times for one create sliver I2AM blocker SPIRAL5
#1046 duplicates output and clutters the already wordy output STITCHING Aaron Helsinger minor SPIRAL5
#1047 ION/I2 Aggregate fails reports error for link that does not go through ION I2AM major SPIRAL5
#1049 Some errors should cause to exit STITCHING Aaron Helsinger major SPIRAL5
#1050 SCS request RSpec option not implemented. STITCHING major SPIRAL5
#1051 StitchingServiceFailedError no response received from computing core I2AM major SPIRAL5
#1055 Stitching from MAX to PG Utah fails with Internal API error at the I2 ION aggregate I2AM major SPIRAL5
#1056 AM URL unkown error reported due to SCS not including for the ION and MAX AMa in workflow STITCHING somebody major SPIRAL5
#1058 "global name 'extract_exception' is not defined" error reported for create sliver I2AM major SPIRAL5
#1059 No VLANs available on link (PCE_CREATE_FAILED) I2AM major SPIRAL5
#1085 Stitching slivers /etc/hosts entries incorrect for remote nodes STITCHING major SPIRAL5
#1086 Unable to exchange Iperf tcp data traffic between PG and IG nodes STITCHING major SPIRAL5
#1094 'Path Setup failed with error from PSSSetup' reported for I2/ION aggregate I2AM major SPIRAL5
#1096 Stiching slice credentials file name prevents multiple concurrent operations STITCHING Aaron Helsinger major SPIRAL5
#1097 Stitching request for two links between InstaGENI nodes fails while VLANs are available STITCHING major SPIRAL5
#1106 Users with an Upper case letter in their username get an error I2AM major SPIRAL5
#1136 Links are listed twice in OESS Advertisement Rspecs STITCHING major SPIRAL6
#1137 OESS request Rspecs do not pass rspeclint due to schema location mismatch and schema syntax STITCHING major SPIRAL6
#1138 OESS aggregate getversion does not return meaningful FOAM version STITCHING major SPIRAL6
#1140 oess geni_status remains in "configuring" state even after circuits are ready STITCHING critical SPIRAL6
#1141 Submitting a sliver request that fail does not generate any user-visible errors STITCHING major SPIRAL6
#1142 OESS aggregate does not expire slivers STITCHING major SPIRAL6
#1153 Request for 3 node linear stitched sliver results in "no edge hop" error at Utah IG STITCHING somebody major SPIRAL6
#1154 Missing Site VLAN Delegation information STITCHING major SPIRAL6
#1159 Renewing stitched sliver with ION in path may result in OSCARS path modificaiton failure STITCHING major SPIRAL6
#1195 Delete of sliver whose circuit on longer exists in MAX causes subsequent circuits to not complete STITCHING major SPIRAL6
#1199 ION aggregate project name of a certain lenght that include hypens will fail STITCHING major SPIRAL6
#1205 Unknown internal failure reported by ION aggregate for complex topology STITCHING major SPIRAL6
#1209 Mismatch in getversion code_tag and for ION and MAX aggregates STITCHING major SPIRAL6
#1262 ION aggregate should support sitching request for `any` VLAN STITCHING major SPIRAL6
#1273 AL2S OESS aggregate does not support multiple links STITCHING major SPIRAL6
#1274 AL2S OESS aggregate createsliver request fails with Unable to find path error STITCHING major SPIRAL6
#1275 Sliver operations do not generate OESS circuit notification for longer project name STITCHING major SPIRAL6
#1279 AL2S OESS aggregate does not include 'expires' in manifest rspec element STITCHING major SPIRAL6
#1284 Speaks for broken at MAX and I2AM STITCHING major SPIRAL6
#1285 AL2S OESS aggregate version unchanged after update STITCHING minor SPIRAL6
#1289 AL2S OESS aggregate reports exception for stanford to missouri path STITCHING critical SPIRAL6
#1292 ION/MAX AMs have wrong authority in sliver URN I2AM major SPIRAL6
#1330 ION/AL2S paths are missing VLANs STITCHING blocker SPIRAL6
#1331 OESS advertisement missing stitching information for New York and Salt Lake STITCHING major SPIRAL6
#1345 ION looses circuit status information over time STITCHING somebody major SPIRAL7
#1347 ION allocates VLAN not in requested range STITCHING major SPIRAL7
#1349 SCS ignores excludeHops on one path when there are multiple paths STITCHING major SPIRAL7
#1350 Deleting slivers at OESS aggregate causes Gateway Time-out failure STITCHING major SPIRAL7
#1351 SCS: 2 hop path has no dependencies STITCHING major SPIRAL7
#1353 Unknown path reported for complex 9 site topology STITCHING major SPIRAL7
#1358 I2 SCS does not recognize GPO endpoint STITCHING major SPIRAL7
#1400 AL2S AM cannot handle disk_image elements with URL attributes STITCHING critical SPIRAL7
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