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ION/AL2S paths are missing VLANs

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This ticket is tracking an issue discovered on 2014-09-23, tracking to resolution.

On 9/23/14, 2:31 PM, Luisa Nevers wrote:

I have been running OESS stitching tests and have 2 topologies that can
be created without problem, but consistently have the same links not
work. The links that do not work are consistently ones that combine AL2S
and ION paths and for those links the VLAN allocated are not found in
the AL2S router proxy.

Here is an outline of the two topologies that fail:

Topology 1: (5 node star - Missouri-IG center node)


      - The link between Missouri and Wisconsin does not forward traffic
      - The link between Missouri and GPO does not forward traffic
      - Repeatable across multiple slivers.

Checked Router proxy for link between GPO and Missouri and found that
hop4(*) VLAN does not exist for the path:
(3713) (3713)

Checked Router proxy routers for link between Wisconsin and Missouri and
found that hop3(*) VLAN does not exist for path:
(3914)<<*>>>  (3914)
(935) (935)

The above topology is still active.

I have seen similar behavior for a 4 nodes linear topology:

      - The link between Missouri and NYSERNet does not forward traffic
      - Replacing NYSERNet-IG with Rutgers IG does not help
      - Repeatable across multiple slivers.
      - When I remove "<-AL2S->Missouri-IG" from the above, then the
entire path works.

On 9/24/14, 10:08 AM, Luisa Nevers wrote:

I also mentioned that I had a 4 nodes linear topology that consistently
has no connectivity for the Missouri to 4th node Rutgers:


Again in this scenario one of the expected VLAN does not exist on the
Kansas router.  I am attaching the stitching request RSpec for this
scenarios as well, just in case it can provide more clues.

Can attach RSpecs that were sent directly to Luke, if needed.

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This problem still occurs. Any updates Luke?

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Using GCF 2.6 was able to verify that the two topologies that showed this problem initially now work. Closing ticket.

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Resolution: fixed
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Did not change the status of this ticket on the last update, closing now.

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