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GENI Spiral 4

GENI Spiral 4, the fourth phase of the development of GENI, begins the transition from a rapid-prototyping effort to a "real GENI" that supports network research experimentation. Major objectives of this spiral include: (1) Ramping up the number of experimenters using GENI by providing better tools and services including 24x7 support, (2) Growing the scale of GENI by deploying GENI racks and by GENI-enabling campuses using OpenFlow and WiMAX technologies, and (3) creating the first rev of GENI instrumentation and measurement systems.

For projects currently being managed by the GPO: Project staff are expected to keep the GPO appraised of progress against project milestones. This page has hints on the mechanics of how tickets and milestones work. If you have questions, consult your GPO system engineer.

Would you like a project listed? If you have a project you would like added to this page, please feel free to do so or email GENI Help.

1. GENI Meso-Scale Backbone Network Deployments

Internet2 OpenFlow | National LambdaRail OpenFlow | ProtoGENI backbone nodes | Internet Scale Overlay Hosting (SPP Nodes)

2. GENI Meso-Scale Regional Network Deployments

Quilt | Mid-Atlantic Crossroads

3. GENI Meso-Scale Campus OpenFlow Deployments

Deployment Notes GENI connectivity
Deployments OF at Clemson University | OF at Rutgers University | OF at Georgia Tech | OF at Indiana University | OF at the University of Wisconsin Madison | OF at University of Washington | OF at Stanford University | OF at Kansas State University | OF at BBN

4. GENI Meso-Scale WiMAX Deployments

Activities Meetings | Goals | Buildout Plans | Licenses
Architecture and Design System Engineering | Site Federation | Site Monitoring | References
Base Station Platforms WiMAX Kits from Rutgers WINLAB and NEC | WiMAX Site Configuration | WiMAX Platform Configuration
Deployments WiMAX Sites | WiMAX at Columbia University | WiMAX at Polytechnic Institute of NYU | WiMAX at UMass Amherst | WiMAX at University of Wisconsin | WiMAX at UCLA | WiMAX at University of Colorado at Boulder | WiMAX at Rutgers WINLAB | WiMAX at BBN Technologies
Extended Base Station Platforms Extended WiMAX Kits from Rutgers WINLAB? | Extended WiMAX Site Configuration? | [ Extended WiMAX Platform Configuration]
Extended Deployments Extended WiMAX Sites | WiMAX at Clemson University | WiMAX at University of Michigan? | WiMAX at Wayne State University? | WiMAX at Temple University? | WiMAX at Drexel University? | Extended WiMAX at University of Wisconsin? | Extended WiMAX at Rutgers WINLAB and UCLA? | Extended WiMAX at BBN Technologies?
Mobile Station Platforms WiMAX Mobile Stations'''
Experiments WiMAX Demos | WiMAX Experiments

5. GENI Meso-Scale Rack Deployments

Deployment Notes GENI Rack Requirements
Rack Development InstaGENI | ExoGENI
Deployments A page for each deployment as they happen

6. GENI Aggregates

Network Aggregates GpENI | BGPMux | CRON | ORCA/BEN | iGENI] | LEARN
Compute Aggregates PrimoGENI
Cloud Aggregates GENICloud | Data Intensive Cloud Control
Completed Projects PlanetLab | ProtoGENI | ORBIT | MAX Aggregate | CMULab | DOME | ViSE | KanseiSensorNet | OKGems | Cognitive Radio

7. GENI Control Infrastructure Software Development

Current Projects PlanetLab Federation | ProtoGENI Augmentation | ORCA Augmentation | ABAC | Stitching
Completed Projects PlanetLab | ProtoGENI | ORCA/BEN | ORBIT

8. GENI Instrumentation and Measurement Tools

Working notes Work in Progress
Meso Scale I&M GEMINI | GIMI | Shadownet
I&M tools InstrumentationTools | ScalableMonitoring | MeasurementSystem | VMI-FED | OnTimeMeasure | LEARN | IMF | DigitalObjectRegistry | NetKarma
Completed Projects Embedded Real-Time Measurements (ERM) | Data Plane Measurements

9. GENI Experimenter Tools, Support and Education

Experimenter Welcome Page Experimenter Welcome Page
Experimenter Support IU Help Desk | Utah mailing list project | Email help
Experimenter Tools & Services Gush | ProtoGENI Tools | NetKarma | SCAFFOLD
GENI-Based Courseware ScalableMonitoring | GENICloud | OSU Sensor Kits | APRA-GENI | Utah Project | UNC Project
Completed Projects Raven tool suite

10. Experimentation with GENI

Spiral 4 Experiments DavisSocialLinks(DSL)
EAGER First Generation EAGER Grants | Fall 2011 EAGER Grants
Completed Projects Opportunistic Wireless Networks

11. GENI Meso-Scale Operations

GENIMetaOps | TangoGENI | GENI Comprehensive Security Program

12. GENI Security Projects

GENISecurity | GENI Comprehensive Security Program | Experiments for Security Analysis | Secure Updates | ABAC | Hive Mind

13. GENI Study Projects

Studies Attribution for GENI
Completed Projects GeniFourYearColleges | MPRADIO | Information Substrate for GENI | OpticalAccessNets | Data Plane Measurements

14. GENI Projects With Collaborations, Connectivity, or Resources outside of the US

Current Projects PlanetLab Federation | PrimoGENI | GpENI | iGENI]
Completed Projects K-GENI | MMOGpENI
See Also International Collaborations


Activites and Notes (bold)
Active Project
Completed Project (italics)

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