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OnTimeMeasure: Centralized and Distributed Measurement Orchestration Software
a.k.a. OnTimeMeasure

Technical Contacts

Principal Investigator Prasad Calyam,
Co-PI Paul Schopis,

POC for Response and Escalation Group:
Prasad Calyam
Phone: 573-882-9747

Participating Organizations

University of Missouri-Columbia
Ohio Supercomputer Center/OARnet
The Ohio State University

GPO Liaison System Engineer

Vic Thomas


This effort provides GENI with an on-demand measurement service used in forecasting, anomaly detection, and fault-location diagnosis in GENI experiments and GENI operations. The on-demand measurement service will be integrated into the ProtoGENI control framework and GENI operations (GMOC). The project will deploy a prototype measurement service to support operations and early experimenters use in the first year, and will revise the service in each development spiral to improve services and integration, based on GENI community feedback. The project will also analyze GENI privacy and security requirements for measured data, and prototype service to address appropriate requirements in each development spiral. The project will collaborate with related GENI measurement and security projects (e.g. University of Wisconsin's Instrumentation and Measurement for GENI) on a common GENI instrumentation and measurement architecture. The option years are for possible refinement and integration of OnTimeMeasure into the ProtoGENI control framework and tools.

Current Capabilities

OnTimeMeasure measurement service is now available to users of ProtoGENI/Emulab, and PlanetLab aggregates. Users can submit measurement requests, control the measurement service, and query measurement data within ProtoGENI and PlanetLab slices spanning geographically distributed sites within the GENI infrastructure.

For a quick overview, please refer to - Tutorial Slides and Tutorial Videos

To start using OnTimeMeasure, please first register at the researcher web-portal - Upon registration, you will receive additional instructions.

For a hands-on, step-by-step tutorial, please refer to - Tutorial on OnTimeMeasure capabilities for Experimenters

OnTimeMeasure has also been integrated with other GENI projects:
OnTimeMeasure-ProtoGENI, OnTimeMeasure-PlanetLab - I&M service for GENI aggregate users
OnTimeMeasure-Gush - I&M service control through Experimenter workflow tool
OnTimeMeasure*-INSTOOLS - Both active* and passive measurements in experiment slice
OnTimeMeasure-CRON - I&M service for 10Gbps network path experiments
OnTimeMeasure-DOR - Persistent storage of measurement data in the GENI measurement archive

Wikis with integration details and added capabilities for Experimenters:
OnTime Control
OnTimeMeasure Custom Metric Integration


Spiral 4

Project Technical Documents


  1. Berryman, P. Calyam, J. Cecil, G. Adams, D. Comer, GREE13 Paper on OnTimeMeasure Integration in Advanced Manufacturing Experiments in GENI Infrastructure, March 2013.
  1. Calyam, S. Rajagopalan, A. Selvadhurai, S. Mohan, A. Venkataraman, A. Berryman, R. Ramnath, "IEEE/IFIP IM13 Paper on Leveraging OpenFlow and OnTimeMeasure in VDCloud Experiment", February 2013.
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  1. Calyam, Y. Xu, “OnTimeMeasure Integration Efforts with Digital Object Repository”, June 2011.


GEC15 Demo Poster
GEC14 Demo Poster
GEC13 Demo Poster
GEC12 Demo Poster
GEC11 Demo Poster
GEC10 Demo Poster
GEC8 Demo Poster
GEC7 Demo Poster


  1. Calyam, Leveraging OpenFlow for Resource Placement of Virtual Desktops, GEC15 Plenary Talk/Demo, March 2013.
  1. Calyam, Software-defined Networking Capabilities, Needs in GENI for VMLab , GEC15 Programmable Networks and GENI Session, March 2013.
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S-J. Park, P. Calyam, “Federating CRON with OnTimeMeasure”, Presentation at the COMIS Working Group, GEC9, November 2010.

  1. Calyam, “OnTimeMeasure: Centralized and Distributed Measurement Orchestration Software”, Status Report at Cluster C Breakout Session at GEC9, November 2010.
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  1. Calyam, “OnTimeMeasure Software High Level Design”, Presentation at the Cluster C Call, January 2010.
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  1. Calyam, “OnTimeMeasure: Centralized and Distributed Measurement Orchestration Software”, Short presentation at Cluster C Breakout Session at GEC6, November 2009.

Quarterly Status Reports

June 2013 report
March 2013 report
July 2012 report
March 2012 report
November 2011 report
July 2011 report
March 2011 report
November 2010 report
June 2010 report
March 2010 report
December 2009 report

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