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Measurement, Monitoring, and Outreach in the Great Plains Environment for Network Innovation
a.k.a. MMO-GpENI

Technical Contacts

PI: James Sterbenz, The University of Kansas,]
Co-investigator: Tricha Anjali Illinois Institute of Technology
Co-investigator: David Hutchison Lancaster University (UK)
Co-investigator: Bernhard Platter ETH Zürich (Switzerland)
Co-investigator: Jon-Paul Herron GMOC

Participating Organizations

Information and Telecommunication Technology Center
University of Kansas
Lawrence, KS

GPO Liaison System Engineer

Vic Thomas


This project will analyze development and prototyping requirements in a federated international network. Specifically, the team will work with collaborators in Europe to determine how they can use existing international research and education infrastructure (e.g. DANTE, NORDUnet) to affiliate with GENI clusters, contribute resources and software, and run early GENI experiments. The team will coordinate with other funded GENI federation projects to keep the requirements results consistent with those projects.

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MilestoneDate(MMOGpENI: S2.a report)?

Project Technical Documents

Quarterly Status Reports

Quarterly reports for this project are rolled into reports for the GpENI project.

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