GENI Instrumentation and Measurement (I&M) Tools


GPO System Engineer: Harry Mussman

GPO Software Engineer: Jeanne Ohren

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  • Provide GENI with broad data gathering, analysis and archival capability that is sufficient for scientific mission, operations, and success of the infrastructure.


  • Remove the burden on the GENI researcher to become a system and network measurement infrastructure expert so that the researcher can better focus on the science in their experiments
  • Follow the defined I&M architecture, to facilitate information sharing among users and operators, and to encourage reuse and thus continued development of instrumentation and measurement tools


  • Two large I&M projects (GIMI and GEMINI) were approved in Sol 3 to provide comprehensive I&M tools; these projects include the groups that have provided the OML, INSTOOLS and LAMP/perfSONAR tools
  • SOWs for the remaining Year 3 of Sol 2 I&M projects have been re-focused on key topics that need to be resolved
  • Several "design topic teams" have been assembled to resolve key issues

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