Hints on Updating Milestones and Tickets

This is important information for GENI prototyping projects.

Milestones are important measures of progress and are used by the GPO to evaluate project success. It's important to keep the record of project progress current. Tickets and milestones on this site are the primary way for doing this. Here are some guidelines for how to update your progress:

  • Each milestone should have a ticket created for it once you know (a) what work will be done on the ticket; (b) when the work will be done. The ticket should have the same description and short description as the milestone itself, for tracking overall progress.
  • Tickets can be used for many purposes. Examples are:
    • Providing an update on progress of an open milestone
    • Requesting a change in milestone due date or language
    • Identifying a dependency on another project
  • Anyone with a wiki account can create a ticket. It is expected that project staff and the GPO will create and update tickets.
  • It is important that the ticket is assigned to the correct milestone and owner and the GPO system engineer should be included as a Cc. The PI should typically be the owner; other interested parties (e.g. IT staff at an OpenFlow campus) should be listed as a Cc.
  • You should generally not change the Summary or Description field of a ticket except to make minor corrections like typos. If the task described on a ticket changes substantially, note that on the original ticket and create a new ticket with the new description.
  • A useful view for checking the tickets associated milestones is Active Tickets by Milestone.
  • Tickets associated with overdue milestones should be updated frequently (e.g., 2-3 times per month).
  • Only the GPO can mark a milestone as complete. Once a project believes it has achieved a milestone, an associated ticket should be updated to reflect the progress. The GPO SE will get a copy of the ticket (see above). If the system engineer agrees the milestone is complete, they will update the milestone entry and the listing on the project page.
  • To create a ticket that notes a dependency on another project, create a ticket, associate it with one of your milestones, assign the owner to be the PI of the other project, and add text that describes the dependency.
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