Getting Started on the GENI Wiki

GENI is using the TRAC wiki and issue tracking software package. You must log in to the project wiki before you can change any page.

For help editing GENI Wiki pages, including pages that explain how to format wiki text and create new pages, see the Trac Wiki guide. For more general help about the Trac software, TracGuide is a good place to start. For a complete list of GENI Wiki pages, see TitleIndex.

Getting an Account for Editing this Wiki

To request an account on the GENI wiki, send e-mail to You will receive a username and password when your account has been created. Your username will be the e-mail address from which your account request was sent. You cannot change your password on the wiki at present. If you have forgotten your password, e-mail for a reminder or reset.

At the bottom of any editable page, you should see the buttons that let you change wiki contents: "Edit this page," "Attach File," "Delete this version," and "Delete this page." Once you choose one of these actions, you will get appropriate buttons to carry out the selection, as well as an editing window if you need one.


Someone else may be editing a page at the same time you are. If the original page has changed, the wiki will notify you of this when you use the "submit changes" button. Copy the text you were working on into your browser and look at the changed page for any conflicts with what you were planning. Then, use the "edit this page" button on the changed page, paste some or all of your changes into the editing window (depending on whether you found any conflicts), and hit the "submit changes" button.


If you attach documents(s) to a wiki page, try to avoid proprietary formats (for example, .xls, .doc, .vsd), as there may be GENI users who are unable to read these formats. If you must attach a document with a proprietary format, try to attach a freely-available readable version as well (for example, .pdf).

Milestones and Tickets

GENI projects each have milestones for important deliverables they make to GENI. You can see all the GENI milestones sorted by date if you click on the "Roadmap" tab above. (The default Roadmap page shows only uncompleted milestones, but you can select all milestones on that page as well.) GENI projects and the GPO system engineers use tickets to track progress and issues with each milestone once work on the milestone begins. Tickets can also be used for other types of communication and tracking, for example to organize demos. See MilestonesAndTickets for some hints on using milestones and tickets.

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