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Getting Ready

After your slice has been instrumentized, You will see popups prompting you to accept self signed certificates. Please refer to our FAQ section for more information about this. Without this, the feature mentioned below may not work.

Once the resources of the slice are in a READY and instrumentized, you should

  • have a list of buttons listed on the top left corner of the GENIDesktop page. These are the list of GENIDesktop Modules available for your use.
  • have a small wheel icon with your GENI Username beside it on the top right corner of the page. It provides slice and account management options.
  • should see a gray bar with some tabs with "x" on them On the bottom of the page. (GENIDesktop task bar). You can minimize and restore any window in the GENIDesktop from here.

GENIDesktop Settings

GENIDesktop Modules

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