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This module will allow you to download file/directory or a groups of files to the user's laptop/computer from one or multiple nodes in your slice. To use this module
  1. Click on the File Download button
  2. Select the node(s) from the topology view. (You can select multiple nodes by using a CTRL+Click or just a drag of the mouse over the nodes)
  3. Click on Set Selection button in the small window that popped up after step 1. Make sure all the nodes you select in step 2 are listed here.
  4. In the text box above type in the location/path on the GENI nodes you want to pull these files/directory. Make sure you have read permission on this path otherwise the operation may fail.
  5. Finally click on Download button to perform the upload operation.
Once the operation is complete , you should check your Downloads directory and look for a compressed tar gzipped file that contains the files you just downloaded.

CAUTION: If your files are really large (> 10 MB), using this download module may not be efficient and can even cause your browser to crash. In such cases it is advisable to use native SSH/SCP clients to copy files directly to/from your GENI Nodes

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