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Passive Graphs Lite

This module also shows the same graphs as the Passive Graphs module except that it uses a lot less resources and is not customizable. You may use this module if all you want is to see the flow of traffic without any detailed alerts . The display of graphs using this module use a lot less of screen space , but then also allows no user interaction except for just zooming in to the graph by a mouseover action, as shown in the screenshot below.

  1. Select the node(s) from the topology view. (You can select multiple nodes by using a CTRL+Click or just a drag of the mouse over the nodes)
  2. Click on the Passive Graphs Lite button
  3. Choose the graph name(s) you would like to view by clicking on the relevant checkboxes.
  4. Click on Add Graphs if you have only one node selected. Use the Add Graphs with Titles otherwise.
  5. The Graphs will open up in a new frame within the page. A mouse over on each graph will allow you to zoom in to that graph.

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