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Disk Image Creation Module

This modules can be used if you need to create a Disk Image of one of the nodes in your slice. This feature is currently available on InstaGENI Resources only.

  1. Select the node of which you want to create an Image.
  2. Click on the Disk Image button. In the small window that shows up as shown in the figure below,
  3. Type in a valid name for the Disk Image. Make sure you see your selected node listed in the window too.
  4. Click on Create Disk Image for Selected Node button to begin the disk Image creation process. This process requires a reboot of your node. This node will not be available to you for use until the disk image creation process is complete. Once the process is complete, you will also receive an email (at your GENI Registered email address) with the Image URN and Image URL for this newly created Disk Image. You can use the Image URL on your other slices as needed.

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