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File Upload Module

This module will allow you to upload a file or a groups of files (we call fileset) to a user-selected destination directory on one or multiple nodes in your slice. In order to do this the user first uploads the files to the GENIDesktop Cloud. When satisfied with the set of files, user can then select the node/nodes you want these files distributed to.
  1. Click on the File upload-Cloud button from the list of buttons in the top left of the page.
  2. In the small window that shows ups, Click on the folder Directory listing and select the folder you want the files uploaded to. This is a temporary location at the GENIDesktop where we store the uploaded files. (You can create directories and store uploaded files in different directories for later distribution)
  3. Once you have selected a temporary folder location, Click on the Browse button in the right column and select the files you want to upload.
  4. Once your files have been selected, Click on the Upload Files to GENI Cloud button. These files should then show up in the left column under the folder you uploaded to.
  5. Select the node/nodes on which you want to upload your files to from the logical view . Then click on the Set Selected Node button. Make sure you see your selected nodes listed below that button. In the To text box, type in the destination location you want to upload these files to. This location should be a directory that exists on all the nodes in your slice.
  6. Click on the Distribute button. You should see a progress bar for the upload progress.

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