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Topology Views Module

The GENI Desktop provides multiple ways to view and interact with resources (nodes / links ) in your slice. There are three views that the GENI Desktop provides for a GENI Slice

  • Info View
  • List View
  • Logical View

You can set a preferred view using your Account settings as explained earlier.

Info View

This view provides the details of the GENI resource which can be ssh details in case its a node and link endpoints with IP addresses if its a link.

List View

This view lists all the nodes and links in your slice and provides various filter options in case you would like to search or select a set of nodes using a certain search criteria. for example a list of all nodes that start with the string "server".

Logical View

This view provides you a more or a visual diagram of your slice just like way you had drawn when you created the slice. You can re-arrange (move around) the nodes and links to your liking. To interact with the list of GENI Desktop modules shown on the right, you will use this view to select (mouse drag/click/select ) one or more nodes and links and perform operations that these modules provide.

Regardless of which view you use, any selection/operation performed using one view is also reflected on all views.

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