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The whole measurement infrastructure and other related components including data collection and graph rendering occurs on the Global Node. There is a web interface that display this collected information on the Global node itself. You can directly view these collected data directly from the global node using the GN View Module.

After clicking on a node from one of the site used in your slice, click on the GN VIEW button from the list of buttons at the top left of the page will launch a small window with two buttons. Click on Open GN View Here button to launch a window frame in the main page or Open GN View in New Window to open in new browser window/tab . This will display a more detailed collection of data. To access the detailed menu , follow "Node id->Graph" menu links. The following features are available when using this module.

  • Tabular data for IP Address tables,ARP tables, TCP Connections tables, UDP Listeners Table, Routing Tables, System Processes, System Load info
  • Graphs mentioned in previous modules
  • VNC to nodes (Does not work and has been deprecated)

Below screenshot illustrates this.

You can change the start and end time of the graph to view data from an older time line also.

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