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GENI Engineering Conference 8

July 20, 2010 UCSD, San Diego, CA

Table of Contents

Live demonstrations, posters, and presentations at GEC8 highlight results from spiral 2 projects. See project descriptions, posters and presentations here.

Please enter your project demonstration information here. Attach posters and presentations here or on linked pages.

BGP Multiplexer

Cognitive Radio

Data-Intensive Cloud Control for GENI

GENI Pathlets

GENI NetServ


GMOC Meta-Operations Center


iGENI Distributed Network Research Infrastructure

Kansei Wireless Sensor Networks

K-GENI Operational Linkage between GENI and ETRI/KISTI-Korea for International Federation

LAMP Leveraging and Abstracting Measurements with perfSONAR

LEARN Programmable Measurements over Texas-based Research Network

netKarma GENI Provenance Registry

OpenFlow at Clemson University: Joint Demonstation with Georgia Tech

OpenFlow at Georgia Tech: RESONANCE Access Control

OpenFlow at Indiana University

OpenFlow at Stanford: Packet and Circuit Convergence

OpenFlow at Stanford: Expedia

OpenFlow at Stanford: Aster*x

OpenFlow at University of Washington: Aster*x

OpenFlow at University of Wisconsin: Mobile Application Migration in Enterprise Metworks

OpenFlow at University of Wisconsin: Packet Level Redundancy Elimination (RE) on Network Elements

OKGems GENI-Federated Cyber-Physical System with Multi-Modalities

OnTimeMeasure Centralized and Distributed Measurement Orchestration Software

ORCA/BEN: A Prototype GENI Control Plane (ORCA) and a Metro-Scale Optical Testbed (BEN)

PrimoGENI Developing GENI Aggregates for Real-Time Large-Scale Network Simulation

S3MONITOR Scalable, Extensible, and Safe Monitoring of GENI

SPP Internet Scale Overlay Hosting

UMLPEN Programmable Edge Node

ViSE Sensor Virtualization and Slivering in an Outdoor Wide-Area Wireless Sensor/Actuator Network Testbed


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