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Ticket Summary Status Component Owner Priority Milestone
#1038 Manifest rspec for PG and IG does not pass rspeclint new STITCHING minor
#1039 Stitching slivers with Utah InstaGENI end point requires that capacity must be specified for link new STITCHING major
#1044 Duplicate IP addresses configured in Utah PG to InstaGENI Utah sliver with multiple links new STITCHING major
#1048 Requesting link below minimumReservableCapacity does not generate error and allocates default new STITCHING major
#1101 stitching raw-pc at PG or IG requires capacity to be defined unlike xen and openvz, which do not new STITCHING major
#1139 OESS notifications should include id user for provisioned and decommissioned operations new STITCHING major
#1156 Unable to stitch multiple link from GPO ExoGENI rack new STITCHING major
#1157 stitching aggregate url has myplc aggregate_url new STITCHING major
#1163 SCS exception for lines topology new STITCHING major
#1197 MAX and ION aggregates report Internal API error for out-of-sync credentials sometimes new STITCHING major
#1200 Preserve schemas in Manifest new I2AM major
#1207 Repeated AddPersonToSite errors new I2AM major
#1258 Limit reservations to slice expiration new I2AM major
#1263 AL2S OESS aggregate should support sitching request for `any` VLAN new STITCHING major
#1276 AL2S OESS aggregate request for specific link capacity is ignored new STITCHING major
#1277 AL2S OESS aggregate request for link client_id is ignored new STITCHING major
#1278 AL2S OESS getversion does not return geni_am_type, geni_am_urn, and supported extensions reopened STITCHING major
#1280 AL2S OESS aggregate does not handle the listresources "--available" option new STITCHING major
#1281 Some excludehop combinations can crash SCS new STITCHING major
#1282 PG/IG aggregates ignore the stitching availVLANRange if the suggested is 'any' new STITCHING major
#1283 AL2S OESS aggregate does not support "Speaks for" new STITCHING minor
#1294 AL2S OESS aggregate reports wrong sliver_urn in sliverstatus output new STITCHING major
#1295 AL2S OESS manifest does not include any slivers. new STITCHING major
#1344 AL2S OESS aggregate reports exception for unsupported feature new STITCHING minor
#1348 Handle OSCARS transient states new I2AM major
#1354 SCS checks for capacity return the same error as unknown paths. new STITCHING major
#1356 Deleting a failed slivers at ION does not clean up circuits that had successed new STITCHING major
#1405 SCS is ignoring link type egre reopened STITCHING critical
#1453 AL2S and FOAM AMs are sensitive to case of RSpec type assigned STITCHING minor
#1457 AL2S aggregate does not return updated expiration date for listresources command new STITCHING major
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