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OESS notifications should include id user for provisioned and decommissioned operations

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Current notification for provisioning a circuit:

eb6c8abe-13f3-440e-a0b1-61b6665c230d has been provisioned by 

Current notification for decommissioning a circuit:

Greetings workgroup GENI-FOAM,

The circuit
f3b579e1-a34e-4510-a682-88b12abeeae5 has been decommissioned by 

both shoudl include a user id for the operation.

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Some changes have taken place for decommission operation notifications. The current messages report:

The circuit:
has been decommissioned by GENI FOAM 

I expected a user id to be added, "GENI FOAM" is not a user id, and I assume it is not the the work group name, which is "GENI-FOAM". What was intended?

Also I am unable to verify the provisioning messages, none are sent when my circuits are created.

comment:2 Changed 10 years ago by

On 11/14/13 9:33 AM, Luke Fowler wrote:

This change is the result of OESS 1.1.0 being deployed in production for AL2S. “GENI FOAM” is the name of the OESS user that FOAM uses to communicate with AL2S OESS — so, this is the expected behavior.

So all requests coming from GENI users to the OESS FOAM Aggregate will have the same ID. This is not what the original ticket request was about. In GENI we will need to map the operation back to a user ID. That cannot be done with the content of the current notification.

On 11/14/13 9:36 AM, Luke Fowler wrote:

Just saw the last part of your message — you recently provisioned circuits and did not get an e-mail? Was this one of these circuits? If not, can you give me an example of a circuit where you saw this? We’re definitely seeing other circuit creation notices since deploying the new version of OESS.

I have created, deleted and re-created the following slivers:

  • atla-2-losa-nobkup
  • atla-2-ny-nobkup
  • ny-2-losa-nobkup
  • wash-2-ny-nobkup

Neither create operations generated notification. After the last create, I left the slivers running and they are active. Although I just checked the OESS web interface and none of the 4 slivers are shown in the Workgoups list of active VLANS.

comment:3 Changed 9 years ago by

The OESS aggregate no longer generates notifications. Is this the intended behavior?

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