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AL2S OESS manifest does not include any slivers.

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The OESS manifest does not list any slivers.

According to Aaron, the problem is that Omni looks for slivers in the manifest RSpec so it can tell the clearinghouse that you have a reservation at this aggregate. But AL2S does not add any sliver_id attribute on the link where it has allocated VLAN tags.

For comparison, here is what MAX sends back in a manifest:

  <link client_id="link-pg2-max3" sliver_id="" vlantag="3030">
<stitching ........

Without this fix, an experimenter will have to use the new unreleased Omni and call sliverstatus on the slice at AL2S (or all AMs known to stitcher) before Omni will tell the clearinghouse that AL2S has a reservation for this slice. Or else rely on stitcher to know there are resources at AL2S: The portal will not know.

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