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AL2S OESS aggregate reports exception for unsupported feature

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Component: STITCHING Version: SPIRAL7
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While trying to create a sliver at OESS with the unsupported "speaksfor" feature found that OESS reports the following:

$ createsliver lnspeaks4 lnspeaks4.xml  --cred /tmp/tool-speaksfor-user-cred.xml --speaksfor -a oess --debug

... lines deleted...

15:44:30 DEBUG   : Doing SSL/XMLRPC call to invoking CreateSliver
15:44:30 WARNING : Failed CreateSliver for slice lnspeaks4 at oess.  Error from Aggregate: code 2: Exception.

The current unsupported feature error handling should give a clearer error message.

Note: This is true for all FOAM aggregates.

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