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Preserve schemas in Manifest

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Component: I2AM Version: SPIRAL6
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The ION AM uses a fixed set of schemas in the manifest RSpec it returns. It also preserves elements in the request body that it is ignoring.

The problem is that this means that a request with elements defined in custom schemas will still have the custom elements, without the proper schema declarations.

Reproducable using the request RSpec at

Here, the request starts:

<rspec type="request" generated_by="Flack" generated="2014-03-05T14:05:11Z" 
    xsi:schemaLocation=" " 
    xmlns:client="" xmlns:xsi="" 

And the ION manifest that comes back starts:

<rspec expires="2014-03-05T15:35:39.816Z" generated="2014-03-05T15:35:39.816Z" generated_by="Flack" type="manifest" 
      xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" 

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comment:1 Changed 10 years ago by Aaron Helsinger

Related: It appears that ION tries to but the schemas/namespaces on the relevant elements. But these are coming out malformed:

    <emulab:openflow_controller url="tcp:" xmlns="" xmlns:emulab="
sources/rspec/ext/emulab/1" xmlns:ns3=""/>

Note the empty xmlns attribute.

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