17:18 Ticket #111 (Install OMF and OML in a postboot) created by dbhat@bbn.com
After discussions with the GPO Experiment support group, a feature …
16:54 Ticket #110 (Set log level for production Labwiki to info level) created by johren@bbn.com
The Labwiki instance running on gimi1 is currently configured with a …
11:52 Ticket #66 (Allow multiple dumps per experiment run) closed by johren@bbn.com
fixed: I was able to do multiple dumps in a single experiment run today. …


15:31 Ticket #92 (Labwiki times out if I have too many slices) closed by johren@bbn.com
14:15 Ticket #109 (defApplication Template/API for packaged OML apps) created by dbhat@bbn.com
For using packaged OML Applications, currently the OEDL script …
14:01 Ticket #108 (Launch LabWiki in the context of a Slice from Portal) created by dbhat@bbn.com
The GENI Portal has a LabWiki button next to each slice. Currently, …
13:53 Ticket #107 (Change 'Name' to 'Experiment Name') created by dbhat@bbn.com
In LabWiki, the experiment name field is displayed as just 'Name' but …
13:50 Ticket #106 (Alphabetize list of projects and slices) created by dbhat@bbn.com
In the Execute Panel of LabWiki, the list of Projects and Slices that …
13:44 Ticket #105 (List of Properties in OEDL) created by dbhat@bbn.com
Currently we have experiments where we run the same application per …


10:40 Ticket #104 (Error downloading measurement data using iDrop) created by dbhat@bbn.com
As an admin user with my Environment configured to user gimiadmin I am …
10:24 Ticket #93 (pg_dump not installed on gimi1) closed by dbhat@bbn.com
fixed: pg_dump is installed. Dumping a file from LabWiki? to iRODs works on gimi1.


17:27 Ticket #103 (New csv2oml application) created by johren@bbn.com
Divya and Thierry are working on a csv2oml application that will …
11:52 Ticket #89 (LabWiki: emmy9:4000 response slows down) closed by johren@bbn.com
11:51 Ticket #95 (OML server VM ran out of Disk Space) closed by johren@bbn.com
11:38 Ticket #102 (Automatically append Slice Name to Host name - Move to Production) created by dbhat@bbn.com
This ticket relates to: http://groups.geni.net/gimi/ticket/98
11:35 Ticket #101 (LabWiki Timeout Error Fix - Move to Production) created by dbhat@bbn.com
This task is related to: http://groups.geni.net/gimi/ticket/92


11:06 Ticket #100 (Documentation for configuration of GIMI Services) created by dbhat@bbn.com
Create/Update Documentation for configuration of Job Service, …


15:08 Ticket #99 (Install latest Labwiki on emmy9 to test speaks-for functionality) created by johren@bbn.com


18:20 Ticket #98 (Automatically append Slice Name to Host name to generate resource ID) created by dbhat@bbn.com
Currently, the problem is experimenters are required to enter their …
15:41 Ticket #76 (Remove Dev iRODS on emmy9:1247) closed by johren@bbn.com
fixed: The iRODS instance at emmy9:1247 was disabled on 7/8. Reopen if there …


15:23 Ticket #88 (LabWiki crash: with bad file descriptor message) closed by johren@bbn.com
worksforme: Have not been able to reproduce this issue with automated tests.
15:22 Ticket #97 (OML server not cleaning up postgres connections - memory increased to 10GB) created by johren@bbn.com
The memory usage is increasing consistently on gimi2 (see …
14:26 Ticket #72 (Transition Fraida's group to iRODS stable server (geni-gimi:1247)) closed by johren@bbn.com
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