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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#6 Create installation procedure for initialization script new task major GEC17
#52 Push initial project and experiment metadata and configuration data to experiment's subcollection new task minor GEC20
#53 Add functionality to GES to allow experimenter to share results new task minor GEC19
#54 Push metadata file to iRODS location when measurement data is pushed new task minor GEC20
#59 We need a way to pass manifest information to Labwiki new task major GEC20
#67 Labwiki should not allow spaces in experiment name or context name assigned task major GEC20
#70 Add link to iRODS dump location in Labwiki new task major GEC20
#71 Update iRODS descriptor parsing to version 1.3 of the schema new task major GEC20
#73 Manually create users and groups for testing on emmy9:1248 new task minor GEC21
#74 Point Dev Labwiki (emmy9:4601) to iRODS Dev emmy9:1248 new task major GEC21
#80 upgrade to iRODS 4.0 after GEC19 new somebody task major
#83 Speaks-for support in Labwiki new somebody task major GEC21
#87 Simplifying the post-configuration of RC on fresh GENI rack resource new task major GEC20
#99 Install latest Labwiki on emmy9 to test speaks-for functionality new task major GEC21
#103 New csv2oml application new task major GEC21
#110 Set log level for production Labwiki to info level new task major GEC21
#113 Job Service bogged down by experiments with syntax error? new task major GEC21
#97 OML server not cleaning up postgres connections - memory increased to 10GB new Olivier Mehani defect major GEC21
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