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GENI Spiral 1

GENI Spiral 1 is the first phase of exploratory rapid-prototyping that will begin to inform technical and operational plans for the envisioned GENI suite of research infrastructure.

Spiral 1's primary goal is to develop, integrate, and attempt to operate very rudimentary, end-to-end working prototypes, as rapidly as possible, then co-evolve them with the community’s evolving research vision. An early, end-to-end working prototype will greatly help the community achieve a shared vision by providing a strawman example for arguments and discussions going forward.

Spiral 1 will last for 12 months; it will then be succeeded by a second phase, GENI Spiral 2, which will last for a further 12 months, and so forth. We expect the community’s evolving research agenda, combined with insights and experience from earlier spirals, to set specific goals for those later spirals. GENI is being designed and prototyped by the research community, with project management and system engineering provided by the GENI Project Office (GPO). After an open solicitation process and extensive peer reviews, the GPO has selected an initial 29 development teams to participate in Spiral 1. We expect that a large majority of these teams will continue to participate in subsequent spirals, augmented by additional teams funded by later GPO solicitations. We also anticipate that other projects may join the GENI prototyping effort even if not explicitly funded through GPO solicitations.

GENI Partners

The following GENI partners are contributing world class engineering and operations expertise, along with handsome donations of bandwidth across their national research networks, to GENI's prototyping, trial integrations, and early operations.

GENI Projects

Spiral 1 includes the following projects, organized by their initial control framework groups. Please see the GENI Spiral 1 Overview for more details. Also see Documents published by the GENI Project Office for technical documentation on the various control frameworks.

Prototyping project staff are expected to keep the GPO appraised of progress against project milestones. This page has hints on the mechanics of how tickets and milestones work. If you have questions, consult your GPO system engineer.

Cluster A - TIED Control Framework


Cluster B - PlanetLab Control Framework

(cluster wiki)

PlanetLab | EnterpriseGeni | GushProto | ProvisioningService (Raven) | Mid-Atlantic Crossroads | GpENI | Internet Scale Overlay Hosting

Cluster C - ProtoGENI Control Framework

ProtoGENI | DTunnels | CMULab | InstrumentationTools | MeasurementSystem | ProgrammableEdgeNode | DigitalObjectRegistry | MillionNodeGENI

Cluster D - ORCA Contol Framework

(Cluster D wiki)

ORCA/BEN | DOME | ViSE | KanseiSensorNet | Embedded Real-Time Measurements

Cluster E - ORBIT Control Framework


Unspecified Control Framework (will choose at least one during development)


Work With All Control Frameworks

GENIMetaOps | GENISecurity | GeniFourYearColleges | Data Plane Measurements

No Control Framework Needed for Spiral 1


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