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GENI Instrumentation and Measurement Work in Progress


Scope: Discuss, develop and build consensus around the architectural framework for the instrumentation and measurement infrastructure that will be deployed and used in GENI.

GPO System Engineer: Harry Mussman

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Create an architecture for measurement that enables GENI goals to be achieved, document and refine
Facilitate dialog and coordination between teams focused on I&M
Identify key challenges in I&M that could otherwise inhibit the infrastructure
Solicit feedback from users
Communicate via mailing list, wiki, GECs


Meeting Notes and Presentations

GENI I&M Capabilities Catalog

A v0.1 DRAFT has been completed by the GPO, and includes overview slides, a spreadsheet of the catalog, and drawings from referenced projects.

This document reviews each current GENI I&M project, and other selected projects, and lists:

Architecture components addressed or implemented
Implementations in GENI, or elsewhere
Uses in GENI, or elsewhere

The purpose is to:

Identify projects that can best contribute to architecture topics
Identify projects that can implement enhanced GENI capabilities in Spiral 2

GENI Instrumentation and Measurements Architecture

An effort is underway to define and document the GENI Instrumentation and Measurements Architecture.

A third DRAFT (v1.0) was completed by the GPO, with input from the WG: GENI I&M Architecture (Document ID: GENI-SE-IM-ARCH-1.0, Date: December 20, 2010)

The figures are currently in separate files:
Figures 4.x
Figures 6.x
Figures 7.x
Figures 16.x

The community is invited to help prepare and review this draft, and provide comments, additions or changes to the Inst&Meas WG SE, Harry Mussman, at

Priority topics

The following priority topics were identified at the 2nd I&M workshop, and teams of attendees (and some non-attendees) were identified for each topic to discuss it, and write a text summary for review by the WG.

Topic 1 GENI I&M Use Cases

Topic 2 GENI I&M Services

Topic 3 GENI I&M Resources

Topic 4 GENI I&M Measurement Plane and Interfaces

Topic 5 GENI I&M Interfaces and Protocols (APIs): Manage Services

Topic 6 GENI I&M Interfaces and Protocols (APIs): Data Flows and Data File Transfers

Topic 7 GENI I&M Interfaces and Protocols (APIs): Registration and Discovery of Services with Available Measurement Data

Topic 8 GENI I&M Interfaces and Protocols (APIs): GUIs

Topic 9 GENI Measurement Data Schema

Available GENI I&M Tools

The GENI I&M Capabilities Catalog identified several available tools at the start of Spiral 2. Throughout Spiral 2, these tools have continued to mature, and several were ready for use by the beginning of Spiral 3.

Tutorials covering four available tools were given in the 3rd I&M Workshop at GEC9, and one was given at GEC10.

INSTOOLS: Instrumenting and Monitoring Slices

Jim Griffioen and Hussamuddin Nasir (University of Kentucky) Slides

OML Tutorial

Jolyon White (NICTA) Slides

perfSONAR Tutorial

Martin Swany and Guilherme Fernandes (University of Delaware) Tutorial

OnTimeMeasure Tutorial

Prasad Calyam (The Ohio State University) Slides

Measurement Data Archive Tutorial

MeasurementData Archive (MDA) prototype design
GENI Proposed Services Poster CNRI displayed this poster during the GEC10 held in San Juan, PR
Link to Measurement Data Archive Prototype
Measurement Data Archive Prototype Video A video demonstration of the MDA Prototype

The community is invited to start using these tools, and provide comments, additions or changes to their developers.

Additional References

  • Vision for GENI I&M (per Barford on 11/18/09)
    instrumentation and measurement systems provide broad data gathering, analysis and archieval capability
    sufficient for scientific mission
    sufficient for operations
    key for success of the infrastructure
  • Requirementsfor for GENI I&M (initial view) (per Barford on 11/18/09)
    measure details of GENI behavior with high precision and accuracy
    no impact on experiments
    large capacity
    high availability
    strong access control
    tight integration with CFs
  • Conceptual strawman (per Barford on 11/18/09)
    instrumentation - taps in the metwork and systems that provide basic signals
    collection and synthesis - programmable systems that collect, combine and transform basic signals
    archieve - measurement data index and repository
  • DatCat project, that provides a catalog that indexes Internet measurement data, which you can then find, annotate, and cite.

New to Instrumentation and Measurement

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