Topic 3 GENI I&M Resources

Team members:

Vic Thomas - BBN/GPO (yes)
Jim Griffioen* - Univ Kentucky (yes)
Martin Swany - Univ Delaware (yes)
Camilo Viecco - Indiana Univ (yes)
Brian Hay – Univ Alaska (yes)
Giridhar Manepalli - CNRI (yes)

*agreed to organize first writing and discussion

Significant question uncovered at workshop:
Jim on 6/25 via email: We should involve Rob Ricci in the discussion.

Consider these resources for I&M capabilities:

  1. Hosts, VMs, etc.
  2. Network connectivity
  3. Software, e.g., I&M software that can be included in an experiment
  4. I&M services
  5. I&M data flows and file transfers
  6. I&M data files stored in archives

For each item, consider how to:

Register and discover
Authorize and assign

Does each item have:

Unique and persistent name?
Unique and persistent identifier?
Need to carefully consider this for all of GENI

For each item, consider:

What sort of policies the owner may want to apply

How are each of these discovered, specified, authorized and assigned:

Always by mechanisms provided by the CF? With CF plus additional mechanisms?

Consider example of LS in perfSONAR
Consider example of data file stored in archive, owned by an experimenter Need to define and then compare these options
Need to understand interop with CF for each option
Does CF setup secondary authorization mechanisms in some cases? If so, how?

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