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Project Title Project Title: Embedding real-time substrate measurements for cross-layer communications
a.k.a. Programmable Optical Metrics Interface (obsolete)
a.k.a. Embedded real-time measurements
a.k.a. ERM

Technical Contacts

Principal Investigator: Keren Bergman
Postdoctoral Fellow: Dr. Franz Fidler
Student Developer: Caroline Lai

Participating Organizations Columbia University - New York City


Ensure GENI includes the technology to support cross-layer communications, specifically, the ability to incorporate a diverse set of real-time measurements in networking protocols. The project addresses the GENI challenge of architectural experimentations across diverse heterogeneous technologies by supporting real-time cross-layer communications and measurements. Our objective is to develop networking capabilities within the GENI infrastructure that enable deeper exposure of cross-layer information and user access to real-time measurements.


ERM: GENI requirements for real-time measurements Completed 3/1/09
ERM: Develop specifications and networking protocols Completed 3/1/09
ERM: Perform discrete-event network simulations Completed 3/1/09
ERM: Develop a software architecture Completed 5/26/09
ERM: Support the GPO in developing an experimental use-case Due 9/1/09
ERM: identify a candidate control framework Due 9/1/09

Milestone 1:

The capabilities of GENI's (future) infrastructure with respect to real-time measurements are evaluated and we assess the GENI requirements for real-time user access to measurement data across a diverse set of technologies.

Technical Note MS1

Milestone 2:

A set of specifications for enabling real-time measurements within the substrate and specifications for networking protocols based on the GENI requirements for real-time user-accessed cross-layer measurements is developed. We identify a set of specifications for the implementation of a unified, integrated measurement framework with the ultimate purpose of limiting the hardware and software overhead and complexity associated with accessing measurement data.

Technical Note MS2

Milestone 3:

To enable and perform discrete-event network simulations and quantitatively evaluate performance impact under several scenarios of cross-layer information exchange based on real-time measurements we developed new simulation modules for the ns-2 open source network modeling environment and make them available to the GENI community:

ERM software module repository (Columbia University New York, Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs)

Technical Note MS3

Milestone 4:

This milestone deals with the development of a measurement framework based on GENI real-time measurement requirements and other developments/resources within the GENI prototyping activities. Interacting with other prototype efforts, we identify and leverage relevant activities, software architectures, protocols, and products. This work deals with a number of software architectures dedicated to network measurements which could serve as an interface between a unified measurement framework (UMF), the control framework, and the GENI experimenter. We assess several network management protocols and data exchange formats with respect to their ability of exchanging measurement and control information between the substrate's performance monitors and the UMF, as well as between the UMF and the GENI control frameworks.

Technical Note MS4

Project Technical Documents

Quarterly Status Report 4Q08
Quarterly Status Report 1Q09


K. Bergman, "Embedding Real-Time Substrate Measurements for Cross-Layer Communications", 3rd GENI Engineering Conference, Stanford, CA, 2008.

F. Fidler, "Unified Measurements", 4th GENI Engineering Conference, Miami, FL, 2009.

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GPO Liaison System Engineer

John Jacob

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