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#49 Add capability to create experiment contexts in the GES task major Portal WrapUp
#44 Add creation of experimentScripts collection to "adduser" REST resource task major iRODS Sprint6
#48 Add/remove experimenter to/from project group when added/removed to/from the project task major Portal Sprint6
#34 Add support for multiple projects per user somebody task major Portal Sprint4
#27 Common post-boot script somebody task major OMF Sprint2
#43 Create a "labwiki" group on geni-gimi and make "gimiadmin" a member of this group task major iRODS Sprint5
#51 Create a new experiment subcollection under project collection when an experiment is created task major ExperimentRegistry Sprint5
#50 Create a new project subcollection when new project is created task major ExperimentRegistry Sprint5
#45 Create a new REST resource in iRODS interface to create/remove project groups task major iRODS Sprint6
#46 Create a REST resource in iRODS interface to add/remove users to/from groups task major iRODS Sprint6
#47 Create iRODS project group when a project is created in the CH task major Portal Sprint6
#39 Experiment result graph stop showing after certain load defect major Portal Sprint2
#36 Install LabWiki in gimiadmin account on emmy9 and run it under this account task major Portal Sprint2
#33 Issue with restarting experiments task major OMF Sprint2
#63 LabWiki authentication failure task blocker Authentication/Authorization WrapUp
#41 Labwiki button in GENI CH portal task major Portal Sprint6
#56 LabWiki: RC's not connecting task major OMF Sprint6
#38 Make “+” sign in LabWiki work for iRODS. task major Portal Sprint2
#40 Modification of iRODS dumper task major OML WrapUp
#65 New project doesn't show up in Labwiki task major Portal WrapUp
#55 Pass project and slice information to Labwiki in OpenID data task major Portal Sprint6
#26 Restrict itickets to certain iRODS users somebody task major InitScript Backlog
#25 Support running multiple experiments simultaneously in Labwiki task major Portal Sprint3
#58 UI modification to Labwiki for creating exp context and associated integration work task major Portal WrapUp
#37 Upgrade emmy9 and geni-gimi to iRODS 3.3 task major iRODS Sprint2
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