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Welcome to the GENI Wiki

The GENI Wiki is a repository of information related to the GENI design and the GENI Project Office (GPO)-led design process. For the GENI web page, visit

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Finding Information in this Wiki

For information on GENI Racks, see GENIRacksHome.

For information on GENI Solicitation 4, see Solicitation4.

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Other Ways of Finding Information

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Connecting with the GENI Community

See Communication Channels for information on mailing lists, IRC channels and other means of connecting with the GENI community.

Meetings & Events

GENI Engineering Conferences. The GEC is the GPO's regular open working meeting where researchers, developers, industrial & international partners and the GPO meet to advance infrastructure planning and prototyping for the GENI project. Further, the GEC focuses on how to design and build a suite of infrastructure that can best inspire and support creative research. The conference is open to all. The dates and locations below should be considered mostly firm until registration opens.

Watch Conference Videos

GEC16 March 19-21, 2013 U of Utah Agenda
GEC17 July 21-23, 2013 U of Wisconsin - Madison agenda (TBA)
GEC18 October 27-29, 2013 NYU Poly - Brooklyn agenda (TBA)
GEC19 March 23-25, 2014 Georgia Tech agenda (TBA)
GEC20 TBD TBD agenda (TBA)
GEC21 October 26-28, 2014 Indiana University - Indianapolis agenda (TBA)

Past GEC and Other Meetings

GENI CC-NIE Workshop. The GENI CC-NIE Workshop was held at NSF on January 7-8, 2013. The program focused on the technical aspects of GENI and on issues that may impact campus deployment and inter-campus interoperability of GENI technologies. Recipients of CC-NIE awards were invited to send senior IT staff with responsibility for their campus networks. The 60 attendees came from 33 universities, 4 regional/national R&E networks, the GENI Project Office and the NSF.

GENI Resource Map

Live map showing ProtoGENI and PlanetLab resources, obtained by the ProtoGENI Flack tool. The ProtoGENI Flack tool is a graphical tool for setting up and running GENI experiments.