Welcome to GENI Operations

The GENI operations team consists of representatives from GENI aggregate providers, the GENI rack teams, security engineers, and the GPO. Contacts for ongoing support are listed here:

InstaGENI rack resources and related networks: instageni-ops-ky at netlab.uky.edu

ExoGENI rack resources and related networks: See  http://www.exogeni.net/ (esp. Locations and Status tab, and  https://wiki.exogeni.net/doku.php?id=public:experimenters:notifications)

Experimenter support, general questions and and outage announcements: geni-users at googlegroups.com

Internet2:  https://www.internet2.edu/products-services/support/ (esp. Advanced Networking support) Usually your rack support team will handle any interactions with Internet2.

GENI Wireless Resources: See  http://www.orbit-lab.org/

General Questions:  help@geni.net

See  the operators pages for network engineering and support information about specific GENI sites.

See  the Aggregate Providers page for information on the GENI Recommended Use Policy, and GENI rack security.

If you are a GENI aggregate (resource) provider or a GENI campus operator, please sign up for the  GENI Response Team mailing list. This list is primarily for those providing production engineering and support to GENI.

If you plan to take down a GENI resource for planned maintenance OR if you notice a GENI resource has an unexpected outage, please contact the appropriate support group for your resource listed above. Be kind to our experimenters and provide as much warning as possible for scheduled maintenance activities.

GENI measurement data is available for operators on the web at  with login or general status  without login. Email  help@geni.net for an account.

GeniAggregate lists all existing aggregates. Links on this page lead to Aggregate Information Pages with more details about the aggregates and how to use them.

GENIRacksHome provides information on GENI Racks in general, and GENI Racks Security provides information about rack security in particular.

OF1.3SwitchComparison provides documentation about OpenFlow 1.3 implementations supported by GENI hardware vendors.

GpoDoc includes early operations documents such as the GENI concept of operations, provided for reference only.

GENI Operations Procedures

Legacy GENI Operations are documented on the GENI Network Operations Procedures page. The support groups listed on this page adopt new operations procedures and share them with the GENI community as needed.