Solicitation 4 for GENI Development & Prototyping

The GENI Project Office (GPO) is soliciting proposals for development and prototyping proposals.

Projects funded under this solicitation are expected to play a major role in advancing the maturity of GENI as it progresses through its “at scale” deployment phase. Proposers are invited to work with the GENI community to advance program goals.

  • Improve GENI capabilities and usability through tool development.
  • Validate and stress-test key GENI features via experiments and prototype services.
  • Develop experiments, training, and educational materials that encourage the broader use of GENI throughout the university community – by research faculty, in the classroom, and in the dorm.
  • Provide operational support to keep GENI available and reliable for a growing user community.
  • Build community structures that will sustain GENI’s momentum beyond the project’s development phase.

For detailed information, please review the Solicitation 4 document.

Answers to some questions about the solicitation are posted here.

The GPO welcomes discussion with potential proposers. We are happy to discuss your proposal ideas and how they may meet GENI project needs. Please contact Mark Berman at Mark Berman.

Proposal Submission

  • Proposal due date: Monday April 15, 5pm EDT
  • Some proposers have asked for advice on the format of proposal budgets. This Excel spreadsheet template may help you to organize the required information. You are not required to use this format. You are free to use any format that meets the requirements of NSF and section 4.4 of the solicitation.

For Reviewers

Instructions for reviewers (only designated reviewers can complete reviews): here

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