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Cluster D Integration


ORCA/BEN and ORCA Augmentation
KanseiSensorNet (KANSEI)
Embedded Real-Time Measurements (ERM)
Data Intensive Cloud Control (DICLOUD)
OKGems: Cyber-Physical System (OKGEMS)
Integrated Measurement Framework (IMF)
iGENI Distributed Network Research Infrastructure (IGENI)

Meetings and Demos

ORCA-fest May 28, 2009, web site
Cluster D Conference Call on Jule 11, 2009
Cluster D Review Meeting July 2, 2009
"ORCA/BEN Integration Demo with Stitching of VLANs between BEN and NLR", July 7, 2009
"ORCA/BEN Integration Demo July 7, 2009, web site
Cluster D Meetings at GEC5 July 20 and 21, 2009

References and Documents

GENI - ORCA web site, including ORCA code and ticket system
Subscribe to Cluster D mailing list (, for PIs and senior personnel, to discuss administrative cluster-wide issues
Subscribe to CLuster D mailing list (, primarily for developers, to discuss technical issues about the implementation, etc.
Prototype DOME controller and handler modules for ORCA, 2009
Spiral 1 Plan Document, on 7/02/09
Spiral 2 Roadmap slides, with task ratings, on 7/21/09
Cluster D Roadmap Document, on 10/15/09
Cluster D Roadmap Drawings, on 10/15/09


Goals for Spiral 2

The following goals have been established by the GPO for Spiral 2.

Goal 1: Live experiments, the central goal of Spiral 2. Support significant numbers of research experiments in the end-to-end prototype systems. The GPO expects live experimentation to begin near the end of Spiral 1, which will intensify through Spiral 2 as we begin continuous operation of the prototype systems. This will begin to give us all substantial (early) operational experience, as these experiments will help us all understand the prototypes' strengths and weakness, which will drive our Spiral 3 goals.

Goal 2: Identity management

Goal 3: Improved integration of data & control planes, within clusters

Goal 4: Instrumentation

Goal 5: Interoperability, permitting clusters to access the widest number of aggregate


BEN Connectivity
DOME Connectivity
Kansei Connectivity

Instrumentation and Mesurements


Cluster D Clearinghouse at RENCI ; get login from Ilia Baldine
DOME and Federated Scheduling, i.e., towards an experiment that utilizes resources from multiple testbeds


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