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Programmable Measurements over Texas-based Research Network: LEARN
a.k.a. LEARN

Technical Contacts

PI: Deniz Gurkan University of Houston College of Technology
co-PI: Keren Bergman Columbia University Electrical Engineering

Participating Organizations

 University of Houston, College of Technology
 Lonestar Education and Research Network (LEARN)
 Columbia University, EE Dept

Related Projects

 Embedded Real-Time Measurements
 Integrated Measurement Framework

GPO Liaison System Engineer

Harry Mussman (E-mail:


This project will integrate the Lone-star Education And Research Network (LEARN) regional optical network, located in Texas, into the ORCA control framework (GENI Cluster D). This will enable GENI researchers to utilize the LEARN network for L2 (VLAN) transport.

This project will also work with the Embedded Real-time Measurements (ERM) project to develop methods to include the use of existing commercial transport and measurement equipment for real-time measurements. Specifically, it will work with the ERM project to define the API and implement Measurement Handler software to utilize an existing interface (TL1 over SSH) into the Infinera Digital Transport Node (DTN) to make optical measurements.

Operational Capabilities


Spiral 4

Status Reports and Demos

4Q09 Status Report
1Q10 Status Report
 2Q10 Status Report
 Slides for 2010 Review of LEARN
 GEC8 Demo

 3Q10 Status Report
 4Q10 Status Report
LEARN Workshop on February 18th, 2011
 GEC10 Demo
 Post-GEC10 Status Report

2Q11 Status Report

post GEC13 Status Report

Technical Documents

 LEARN: Lonestar Education and Research Network
 Draft Measurement Data File Format
 Specifications for the Measurement Handler Software
 Implement and Integrate Measurement Handler
 Release of the Measurement Handler Software
 Create an ORCA Instance in the Lab
 Release of Measurement Handler Documentation
 List of Measurement Handlers for GENI

 ORCA control framework for dynamic VLAN setup and resource reservations – A. Mandal and I. Baldine, RENCI-BEN

Software Releases


See the ORCA/BEN project
See also Cluster D VLAN Capabilities
And: LEARN Regional Optical Network

 LEARN-GENI integration using ORCA as a control framework– D. Gurkan, C. Chambers, T. Kumbi, Karthik Ram Narumanchi, Jingbo Zhang, Maanasa Madiraju, UH
 Research support and connection capabilities of LEARN – A. Kara, LEARN
 Network performance measurements and cross-layer communication research opportunities on LEARN – D. Gurkan, UH