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#130 Sliver fails with "Exception during join for unit: DD201E11 " new somebody major SPIRAL5
#134 "Error during join for unit" reported vy 11 nodes while setting up 10 Slivers w/10 VMs test new somebody major SPIRAL5
#142 unable to exchange Iperf tcp traffic between BT and VM in GPO rack new somebody major SPIRAL5
#155 Sliver reports "Nascent" state 30 minutes after createsliver new somebody major SPIRAL5
#160 sliverstatus prevents deletesliver for sliver which has failed at createsliver time new somebody major SPIRAL5
#179 Noticable delay between sliver ready and interfaces being configured on allocated node new somebody major SPIRAL5
#183 Missing image descriptions in new somebody major SPIRAL5
#199 Unable to set up expected count for stitched slivers between GPO EG and GPO IG. new somebody major SPIRAL6
#200 Request for bare metal to local SM should fail, as bare metal is only available via ExoSM new somebody major SPIRAL6
#129 Experiments fails during provisioning for no image or obsolete request rather than reject at create new minor SPIRAL5
#132 Enhancement - IP addresses should be automatically assigned when none defined for interface new somebody minor SPIRAL5
#167 Experimenters should be allowed to change the dataplane IP address new somebody minor SPIRAL5
#168 Support ability to create OpenFlow experiment using user-defined VLAN via AM API new somebody minor SPIRAL5
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