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Missing image descriptions in

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The listresources output for available sliver_types includes 13 images, but only 9 images are listed at

List resource output documented resource type
<sliver_type name="XOLarge"/> xo.large
<sliver_type name="XOMedium"/> xo.medium
<sliver_type name="EC2M1Small"/> m1.small
<sliver_type name="XOXlarge"/> xo.xlarge
<sliver_type name="XOSmall"/> xo.small
<sliver_type name="EucaM1XLarge"/> m1.xlarge
<sliver_type name="EucaM1Small"/> MISSING
<sliver_type name="EC2M1XLarge"/> MISSING
<sliver_type name="EC2M1Large"/> m1.large
<sliver_type name="EucaM1Large"/> MISSING
<sliver_type name="EC2C1Medium"/> MISSING
<sliver_type name="EucaC1XLarge"/> c1.xlarge
<sliver_type name="EucaC1Medium"/> c1.medium

Note: I realize that the missing 4 images are in the legacy list, but just noting no definitions (Cores, RAM, Disk space) are available to describe the resources available to the experimenter.

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