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Request for bare metal to local SM should fail, as bare metal is only available via ExoSM

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Incorrectly submitted an RSpec that requested a bare metal node to the local FIU SM. This is not a valid request because the bare metal nodes are only available via the ExoSM.

The request to the local SM was not rejected and the sliver was created and became "ready"

}}} $ createsliver EG-CT-2 -a fiu-eg ./EG-CT-2-fiu.rspec 14:50:38 INFO : Loading agg_nick_cache file '/home/lnevers/.gcf/agg_nick_cache' 14:50:38 INFO : Loading config file /home/lnevers/.gcf/omni_config 14:50:38 INFO : Using control framework portal 14:50:38 INFO : Member Authority is (from config) 14:50:38 INFO : Slice Authority is (from config) 14:50:38 INFO : Substituting AM nickname fiu-eg with URL, URN 14:50:38 INFO : Slice expires on 2014-06-11 18:49:56 UTC 14:50:38 INFO : Creating sliver(s) from rspec file ./EG-CT-2-fiu.rspec for slice 14:50:47 INFO : Got return from CreateSliver? for slice EG-CT-2 at fiu-eg: 14:50:47 INFO : <?xml version="1.0" ?> 14:50:47 INFO : <!-- Reserved resources for:

Slice: EG-CT-2 at AM: URN: URL:


14:50:47 INFO : <rspec type="manifest" xmlns="" xmlns:ns2="" xmlns:ns3="" xmlns:ns4="" xmlns:ns5="" xmlns:ns6="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="">

<node client_id="BM-1" component_id="" component_manager_id="" component_name="orca-xcat-cloud" exclusive="true" sliver_id="">

<sliver_type name="ExoGENI-M4">

<disk_image name="" version="c120b9d79d3f3882114c0e59cce14f671ef9b0db"/>

</sliver_type> <services/> <ns4:geni_sliver_info creation_time="2014-06-04T18:50:40.000Z" creator_urn="," expiration_time="2014-06-11T18:49:56.000Z" start_time="2014-06-04T18:50:40.000Z"/>

</node> <node client_id="VM-1" component_id="" component_manager_id="" component_name="orca-vm-cloud" exclusive="false" sliver_id="">

<location country="Unspecified" latitude="25.757292" longitude="-80.37404"/> <sliver_type name="m1.small"> </sliver_type> <services/> <interface client_id="VM-1:if0" mac_address="fe:16:3e:00:58:d6">

<ip address="" netmask="" type="ipv4"/>

</interface> <ns4:geni_sliver_info creation_time="2014-06-04T18:50:40.000Z" creator_urn="," expiration_time="2014-06-11T18:49:56.000Z" start_time="2014-06-04T18:50:40.000Z" state="configuring"/>

</node> <link client_id="lan0" sliver_id="" vlantag="unknown">

<interface_ref client_id="VM-1:if0"/> <ns4:geni_sliver_info creation_time="2014-06-04T18:50:40.000Z" creator_urn="," expiration_time="2014-06-11T18:49:56.000Z" start_time="2014-06-04T18:50:40.000Z" state="configuring"/>

</link> <ns3:geni_slice_info state="configuring" urn="" uuid="fc326136-f372-455d-af79-a7a1a84fd977"/>

</rspec> 14:50:47 INFO : ------------------------------------------------------ 14:50:47 INFO : Completed createsliver:

Options as run:

aggregate: fiu-eg? framework: portal project: Luisa_Nevers-Test-Proj_01

Args: createsliver EG-CT-2 ./EG-CT-2-fiu.rspec

Result Summary: Got Reserved resources RSpec from exogeni-net-fiuvmsite

14:50:47 INFO : ====================================================== }}}

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RSpec has been attached to ticket.

comment:2 Changed 9 years ago by

The resulting slice doesn't actually contain the baremetal node - it only contains the vlan and the vm. This is a bug that will most likely be fixed in ORCA 5.0. For now if the baremetal node isn't bound to a domain, the request is rejected as expected.

comment:3 Changed 9 years ago by

My request rspec was bound:

<node client_id="BM-1" component_manager_id="urn:publicid:IDN+fiuvmsite+authority+cm" >
<node client_id="VM-1" component_manager_id="urn:publicid:IDN+fiuvmsite+authority+cm" >

So if I had an unbound request it would have been rejected?

comment:4 Changed 9 years ago by

Yes, but that's not a solution. It typically would be bound, so that's not really a fix.

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