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Unable to exchange traffic for VLAN 1750 between campus and rack resources

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Testing a scenario where GPO campus resources are used through the rack to access VLAN 1750 and GPO IG rack nodes are requested for VLAN 1750. No communication is available.

This issue is related to the email thread named "BBN VLAN IDs, Internet2 and NLR endpoints" and details for expected default use of port 23 and port 24 for VLAN 1750.

These are the last question from Josh:

JBS> Are we also on the same page about how VLAN 1750 in particular should
JBS> work, i.e. that it should be permanently on both ports 23 and 24, so
JBS> that if experimenters create a sliver with a node that links to it,
JBS> they automatically get linked to both of the ways out of the switch?

LS> Okay, this should be setup now. Let me know if you have problems with it.

Luisa and I finally tried this out, and it doesn't seem to be working as

A while back, I had created a sliver linking port 23 to VLAN 1750, this
one that Leigh had sent along:

  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <rspec xmlns=""
    <node client_id="campus-port" component_id="" exclusive="false">
      <sliver_type name="emulab-connect" />
      <interface client_id="campus-port:if0" />
    <link client_id="campus-link">
      <interface_ref client_id="campus-port:if0" />
      <sharedvlan:link_shared_vlan name="mesoscale-openflow" />

That was still there, and Luisa was able to ping between a "campus
resource" machine, connected via that port, and a host in the rack.

I then deleted my sliver, to confirm that it's not necessary any more, but
then Luisa wasn't able to ping between her hosts any more.

Any ideas?

                                      -Josh (

Writing ticket to track resolution of this issue, which is blocking to IG-EXP-5 test case.

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On 1/17/13 9:13 AM, Leigh Stoller wrote:

Okay, give it a try please ... Thanks

Tried again and now Campus resources can ping nodes in the InstaGENI rack on VLAN 1750. Problem is solved, closing ticket.

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