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#67 Labwiki should not allow spaces in experiment name or context name task major Labwiki Sprint4

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#90 404 error if GENI Portal user is not activated task minor Labwiki WrapUp
#66 Allow multiple dumps per experiment run enhancement major Labwiki Backlog
#91 fields in Execute pane are ignored defect major Labwiki WrapUp
#78 Install separate OML server and GES instances for development. somebody task major OML Sprint3
#84 Job service stalls task major Job Service Sprint4
#88 LabWiki crash: with bad file descriptor message task major Labwiki Sprint4
#82 Labwiki FiberError crashes task critical Labwiki Sprint1
#85 Make clean-up of job service easier if something goes wrong task major Job Service Sprint4
#77 Move development instances to separate server somebody task major Other Sprint4
#61 Move GIMI Labwiki instance to OMF6 task major Labwiki Sprint1
#86 New requirements for iRODS and git repositories task major Labwiki Sprint4
#81 OML server crashes while running experiments somebody task major OML Sprint1
#94 project directory missing from irodsPath when dumping the experiment defect major Labwiki WrapUp
#72 Transition Fraida's group to iRODS stable server (geni-gimi:1247) task major iRODS Sprint4

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#70 Add link to iRODS dump location in Labwiki task major Labwiki Sprint4
#52 Push initial project and experiment metadata and configuration data to experiment's subcollection task minor ExperimentRegistry Backlog
#54 Push metadata file to iRODS location when measurement data is pushed task minor iRODS Backlog
#87 Simplifying the post-configuration of RC on fresh GENI rack resource task major OMF Sprint4
#71 Update iRODS descriptor parsing to version 1.3 of the schema task major iRODS Backlog
#59 We need a way to pass manifest information to Labwiki task major Labwiki Backlog
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