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Welcome to the GENI Wiki

This is the GENI Wiki, a living repository for information relating to the GENI design and GPO-led design process. Join GENI mailing lists at To get a write account on this wiki, send e-mail to

GENI Announcements

GENI Experiments

Information on GENI experiments and available GENI resources for experimenters is available at GeniExperiments. A support list for experimenters can be found here.

Old Announcements

GENI Meetings

Future GENI Engineering Conferences.

The GEC is the GENI Project Office’s (GPO) regular open working meeting where researchers, developers, industrial & international partners and the GPO meet to advance infrastructure planning and prototyping for the GENI project. Further, the GEC focuses on how to design and build a suite of infrastructure that can best inspire and support creative research. The conference is open to all. The dates and locations below should be considered mostly firm until registration opens.

GEC10 March 15 - 17, 2011 Univ. Puerto Rico & Polytechnic Univ. Puerto Rico, San Juan, PR register
GEC11 July 26-29, 2011 Northwestern Univ., Chicago, IL
GEC12 November 2011 Univ. Missouri, Kansas City, MO dates TBD
GEC13 March, 2012 UCLA, Los Angeles, CA dates TBD
GEC14 July, 2012 Boston, MA dates TBD
GEC15 November, 2012 IUPUI, Indianapolis, IN dates TBD

Past GEC and Other Meetings

GENI Spiral 3 Development & Deployment Projects

The GENI Project Office works with projects to post information on what they are doing at wiki:SpiralThree. These pages include project technical information, schedules and milestones, and information from related projects not funded by GENI. Keeping these pages current helps make planning, participating, and integrating easier for the GENI community.

GENI Spiral 3 Backbone Services

ProtoGENI backbone nodes are available in Internet 2 (Kansas City, MI, Salt Lake City, UT, Washington, DC). Layer 2 data-plane access to these services is available via dedicated campus connections to Internet 2 or via Internet 2's ION service using the ProtoGENI Component Manager API or the Emulab interfaces. Layer 3 access is also available via any Internet connection. Additional ProtoGENI node deployments are planned for Spiral 3 at Houston, TX, Atlanta, GA, and Seattle WA, and one other site.

SPP nodes for developing programmable IP overlay services are available at Kansas City, MI, Salt Lake City, UT, and Washington, DC. Contact the SPP PI Jon Turner for access to these nodes. Additional nodes at Houston, TX and Atlanta, GA are planned for Spiral 3.

NLR National LambdaRail's OpenFlow nodes are available and Internet 2's OpenFlow node deployments are underway in Spiral 3. See linked project pages for node locations. Layer 2 data-plane access to these services is available via either: a dedicated campus connection to either backbone, an NLR FrameNet (Sherpa) connection, or an Internet2 ION connection. Layer 3 access is also available via any Internet connection.

SPP nodes for developing programmable IP overlay services are also available in the same locations at ProtoGENI nodes. Contact the SPP PI Jon Turner for access to these nodes.

OpenFlow switch deployments on National LambdaRail and Internet 2 are underway in Spiral 2. Layer 2 data plane access to these services is available via a dedicated campus connection to either backbone, or via NLR Framenet (Sherpa) or Internet2 ION service. Layer 3 access is also available via any Internet connection.


The GENI API is an effort to enable interoperability between Control Frameworks/Clearinghouses and Aggregates.

The GENI API implements a key interface of the SFA 2.0 Draft, providing a common interface to Aggregate Managers. Experimenters can use the API to access resources belonging to any compliant Control Framework. The API lets you mix and match aggregates with control frameworks.

ProtoGENI, PlanetLab, and Openflow all have implemented the API and are now interoperable, as demonstrated at GEC8 (mostly).

Full details about the GENI API and the reference implementation are available at the GENI API page. From there you can also download code for the gcf reference aggregate manager and the Omni client.


GPO Documents: The GPO publishes system engineering and integration documents specifying the GENI design, integration, and operations at wiki:GpoDoc.

Working Group Documents: GENI working groups develop and publish documents. Unless otherwise noted, these documents represent the consensus of the publishing working group. Working drafts can be found on the individual working group wiki pages.

Contributed Documents: Documents contributed by members of the GENI community. May come from D&P projects. A listing may be found at wiki:ContributedDocs.

Older Documents: Pre-GPO documents (from 2005-2007) can be found at wiki:OldGPGDesignDocuments.

Mailing Lists

It is a very good idea to subscribe to the GENI Announce list. If you are a GENI technology developer, you should aslo subscribe to the GENI Developer list.

  • geni-announce is a moderated list carrying important announcements about upcoming meetings, solicitations, and other useful information for the developer community.
  • GENI discuss is an open list for general community discussion.
  • dev is an open list for GENI prototype developers.
  • experimenters is an open list for discussion and assistance for researchers using the GENI infrastructure.

GENI Wiki Information

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