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4. Log into the GENI Desktop

4a. Go back to your browser tab labeled GENI Portal.

4b. Select the tool GENI Desktop.

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4c. Click on the "Continue to the GENI Desktop" Button.

  • Your automatically generated key does not have a passphrase. Don't type anything in the box labeled "SSH Key Passphrase".
  • The GENI Desktop will find your slice and will "initialize" it. This will take a few minutes. When it is done you should see the resources in your slice.

5. Instrumentize your Slice

5a. Click on the button labeled "Instrumentize"

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  • Instrumentation takes a while. When it is done you will see:

5b. Select the Measurements to be Enabled

  • Select the node for which you want to view measurement data.
  • Click on the "Launcher" (button with the rocket icon) and then select "GEMINI Graphs".
  • Select the measurements you'd like to see. For this tutorial we'll use the default selections.

6. View Measurement Data

  • Click on "Add Graphs with Title". You should see the measurement for the selected node.

  • To see measurements for a different node, select that node and repeat Steps 5b and 6.

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