GENI Tutorial at ICDCS 2013

Join us for a GENI tutorial at The 33rd International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS 2013) in Philadelphia!

If you have already registered for the conference, but have not yet registered for the tutorial, no worries just sent us an email at

Intended Audience

  1. Graduate students and researchers working in areas of computer networking, future Internet architectures, distributed systems and cloud computing
  2. Professors of computer networks and distributed systems that would like to use a large-scale testbed in their class
  3. Anyone that is interested in Future Internet Architecture, Distributed cloud computing or just wants to get acquainted with GENI, a platform for running network experiments and gain hands-on experience in using it.

The Global Environment for Network Innovations – GENI – is a suite of research infrastructure rapidly taking shape in prototype form across the United States. It is sponsored by the National Science Foundation, with the goal of providing a laboratory environment for networking and distributed systems research and education. It is well suited for exploring networks at scale thereby promoting innovations in network science, security, services and applications.

This tutorial will provide a description of GENI as an experimenter tool and also offer the chance to attendees to gain some hands-on experience in using the testbed. We are going to use the multi-campus Layer 2 network to design and run simple Layer 2 and Layer 3 experiments.

The tutorial will have interleaving presentations and hands-on exercises. Attendees will get a chance to create and run GENI experiments following simple instructions. The attendees will get to work at their own pace and get help by the instructors.

GENI Tutorial at ICDCS'13: Tentative Agenda

08.30am - 10.00am: Presentation and Demo: An Introduction to GENI
10.00am - 10.30am: Break
00.30am - 12.30pm: Hands-on: Getting Started with GENI
12.30pm - 01.30pm: Lunch
01.30pm - 03.00pm: Hands-on: Instrumenting and Measuring your Experiments
03.00pm - 03.30pm: Break
03.30pm - 05.00pm: Hands-on: An Introduction to OpenFlow
05.00pm - 05.30pm: Miscellaneous GENI Topics & Wrap-Up

Pre-Work for Tutorial

Please complete the pre-work described on this page BEFORE you come to this tutorial.

Questions? Need more Information?

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