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TIED: Trial Integration Environment in DETER

a.k.a. DETER

Technical Contacts

Principal Investigator: John Wroclawski

Co-Principal Investigator: Terry Benzel

Ted Faber faber@ISI.EDU

Participating Organizations


The scope of work on this project is to develop and evangelize a control framework that particularly emphasizes usability across different communities, through federation, rich trust/security models, and similar enabling mechanisms.


Project Technical Documents

TIED is based on the TIED/DETER federation system, which allows a researcher to construct experiments that span testbeds by dynamically acquiring resources from other testbeds and configuring them into a single experiment. As closely as possible that experiment will mimic a single DETER/Emulab experiment.

This model fundamentally supports creation of cohesive experiments (slices) from independently administered resources (components/aggregates). Because resources are independently administered and serve different communities, the authorization system needs to support a rich delegation structure, formal semantics, efficient negotiation, and clear auditing. The ABAC system meets those requirements; TIED is integrating this into the federation system.

To make use of widely distributed components it is helpful to establish guaranteed network connections between them. TIED is addressing this by federating with testbeds that represent dynamically allocatable wide-area network resources. The prototyping plan is to use DRAGON interfaces to configure these resources.

The TIED/DETER Federation architecture and implementation
Information about the TIED/DETER federation system, including overview, detailed user and developer documentation, pointers to published papers, and released code.
The TIED Clearinghouse
Description of how the TIED stsyem provides GENI clearinghouse functionality, including how to join
The ABAC model in TIED
Discussion of ABAC concepts and how they relate to TIED implementation
An ABAC demo
A worked example of ABAC applied to a GENI scenario. Also shows the TIED attribute explorer.
ProtoGENI Plug-in
A description of the design for the upcoming TIED/ProtoGENI subsystem.

Quarterly Status Reports

Spiral 1 Connectivity


GPO Liaison System Engineer

Heidi Picher Dempsey

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