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Project Number


Project Title

TIED: Trial Integration Environment in DETER

a.k.a. DETER

Technical Contacts

Principal Investigator: John Wroclawski

Co-Principal Investigator: Terry Benzel

Ted Faber faber@ISI.EDU

Participating Organizations

University of Southern California Information Sciences Institute, Marina del Rey

University of California, Berkeley


The scope of work on this project is to develop and evangelize a control framework that particularly emphasizes usability across different communities, through federation, rich trust/security models, and similar enabling mechanisms.


MilestoneDate(TIED:Identify specific year 1 outreach communities.)?
MilestoneDate(TIED:Initial component and clearinghouse documentation.)?
MilestoneDate(TIED:Release v 0.1 of component manager and clearinghouse.)?
MilestoneDate(TIED:Begin prototype clearinghouse operation.)?
MilestoneDate(TIED:Provide user access to DETER via TIED.)?
MilestoneDate(TIED:Participate in NSF TRUST Science and Technology Center's teacher education program.)?
MilestoneDate(TIED:Demonstrate extended functionalities for outreach communities.)?
MilestoneDate(TIED:Provide direct VLAN interface to TIED resources)?
MilestoneDate(TIED:Support running federated experiments.)?

Project Technical Documents


Quarterly Status Reports

4Q08 Status Report

1Q09 Status Report

Spiral 1 Connectivity


GPO Liason System Engineer

Heidi Picher Dempsey

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DETERlab Testbed (cyber-DEfense Technology Experimental Research laboratory Testbed)

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