Workshop on Prototyping and Deploying Experimental Software Defined Exchanges (SDXs)

Larry Landweber (University of Wisconsin and GENI Project Office) and Jeannie Albrecht (Williams College) co-chaired the Workshop on Prototyping and Deploying Experimental Software Defined Exchanges (SDXs), June 5-6, 2014 in Washington DC.

Workshop Archives

This page includes introductory presentations and the workshop outbrief presentation.

Workshop Outbrief

Workshop Outbrief

Introductory Presentations

Chip Elliott SDX Workshop.pptx

Glenn Ricart SDX Workshop.pptx

Inder Monga Chin Guok SDX Workshop.pdf

Joe Mambretti SDX Workshop.pdf

Laurent Vanbever SDX Workshop.pdf

Rob Vietzke Eric Boyd SDX Workshop.pptx

Theo Benson SDX Workshop.pdf

Tom Lehman SDX Workshop.pdf

Workshop Participants

Attendees:Workshop on Prototyping and Deploying Experimental SDXs JW Marriott Hotel, Washington DC, June 5-6, 2014

  • Jeannie Albrecht, Williams College
  • Celeste Anderson, USC
  • Theophilus Benson, Duke
  • Mark Berman, GENI
  • Eric Boyd, Internet2
  • Richard Carlson, DOE
  • Russ Clark, Georgia Tech
  • Steve Corbato, Utah
  • Brian Court, CENIC
  • Vince Dattoria, DOE
  • Chip Elliott, GPO
  • Chin Guok, ESNET
  • Ron Hutchins, Georgia Tech
  • Julio Ibarra, FIU
  • Larry Landweber, GPO
  • Tom Lehman, MAX
  • Mark Luker, NCO
  • Bryan Lyles, NSF
  • Joe Mambretti, Northwestern
  • Ron Milford, Indiana
  • Grant Miller, NITRD
  • Inder Monga, ESNET
  • Anita Nikolich, NSF
  • Glenn Ricart, US IGNITE
  • Steve Schwab, USC/ISI
  • Laurent Vanbever, Princeton
  • Rob Vietzke, Internet2
  • KC Wang, Clemson
  • Boyd Wilson, Clemson
  • Mike Zink, Massachusetts
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