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GENI Campus/Operations, Management, Integration, and Security Working Group

COMIS WG Scope: What are the requirements for operating GENI and managing its services? What are GENI's security requirements, both from a researcher's viewpoint and from that of its operators?

This is the COMIS working group wiki. Jim Williams, Ivan Seskar, and Ron Hutchins are the working group chairs.
Heidi Picher Dempsey is the System Engineer for OMIS.

To find out what the COMIS working group does, browse these pages. If you have comments or suggestions on the charter, please send them to the omis-wg mailing list. If you have comments or suggestions about these pages, feel free to log in and improve their content. To view past archives of the mailing list, see the mailman archive or the nabble archive.

When you subscribe to a GENI working group mailing list (such as omis-wg), you also get a wiki account that uses the same username and password. You should get an email letting you know when the wiki account is created, which allows you to login and start contributing. The "login" link is at the top of this page. The login works for all GENI working group pages.

COMIS Announcements

COMIS will meet at GEC8. See the agenda.

COMIS Meeting Notes

COMIS met at GEC7. See the agenda. See the notes in the COMIS mailing list archive.

OMIS met at GEC6 (original working group name). See the agenda.

The OMIS WG met at GEC5. See the draft agenda and minutes from the OMIS agenda teleconf meeting on 07/13/09.

The OMIS WG met on 04/04/09 at the Fourth GENI Engineering Conference in Miami, FL. Some audio is available here. See the Draft Agenda for topics and links to background reading, as well as minutes of the March 17, 2009 OMIS meeting that covered this agenda.

The OMIS WG met at GEC3 on 10/29/08, you can access the original agenda, OMIS audio and meeting notes with links to the presentations on the GEC3 presentations page.

The second OMIS meeting was on 03/03/08. We proposed to do some GEC2 follow-up joint work with other groups. The presentation is available at the GEC2 page.

OMIS met for the first time on 10/09/07. Listen to the meeting on the GENI Engineering Conference page, and add your thoughts on the mailing list. Read the meeting notes.

COMIS Work-in-Progress

A draft Recommended Use Policy is available for review. Please send comments to the mailing list.

Work continues on identifying overlap and interfaces with other Working Groups.

A number of Use Cases have been written that explore how various operations events might play out.

OMIS Previous Work

"Top 10" Ops list survey to identify top GENI operations concerns. Very few respondents, unfortunately.

Substrate and Services working groups requested OMIS member's comments on thie resource list and usage scenarios, respectively: Substrate's resource list and Services' usage scenarios. Please comment on the mailing lists, or edit the draft wiki pages.

COMIS Future Work (subject to change)

Technology Survey: A document that reports on available commercial and open-source tools and systems that are appropriate for operations in a large-scale research environment, explaining how such tools might be adapted for GENI requirements. The report will identify areas where GENI system requirements and new technology may drive new development.

Security Policy Recommendations: A document that identifies GENI assets, data, and processes for which there are security requirements, provides a framework for comparing the degree of protection required for various GENI elements, and recommends suitable procedures, tools, and technologies for adequately protecting those elements. The document will pay special attention to security needs related to federation and the requirements for interconnections between GENI elements and those of other organizations.

Long-Term Operations Framework: A document that describes the expected long-term operations functions for the GENI suite of infrastructures. This document will follow the initial Operations Framework document. It will address fully developed GENI system requirements that evolve from the GENI Research Plan.

Concept of Operations Documents: Documents that describe the concept of operations, including worked-through examples, for operations, management, integration and security processes in GENI. The working group will assess the areas in which Concept of Operations documents are needed, based on the GENI system requirements derived from the Research Plan. The working group may release Concept of Operations documents in phases that coordinate with the spiral development process. The working group will produce separate Concept of Operations documents for at least the following areas:

  • experiment support, monitoring, and data storage
  • security monitoring and incident response (including incidents unrelated to security)
  • federation management and monitoring
  • hardware release, maintenance and integration
  • software release, maintenance and integration
  • operations metric collection and analysis

Management Interface Requirements: Document requirements for desired interfaces between GENI operations, aggregate/component management and security functions. Initial versions will describe high-level interfaces (for example between a GENI node and the operations function that provides current status on that node). Later versions will define interfaces in more detail as appropriate (for example defining a GENI management API for a particular type of component interface).

Meetings/Workshops of interest to COMIS members

A GENI Measurement Workshop took place on 25 June, 2009 at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. Presentations are available here. Workshop minutes should be available soon.

A "Workshop on GENI and Security" took place on January 22–23, 2009, at the University of California Davis, chaired by Professor Matt Bishop. Its goal was to engage the security community in GENI's design and prototyping, to ensure that security issues are properly considered during its development. You can find a complete agenda with presentations here.

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