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Attendees List

Tuesday, October 28


Launch of GENI Spiral 1

 Welcome & Spiral 1 Intro - Chip Elliott, GPO
Audio Download - 71MB mp3

Control Framework

 Spiral 1 Control Framework Overview - Aaron Falk, GPO
Audio Download - 14MB mp3

 Cluster D Intro (ORCA/BEN) - Jeff Chase, Duke
Audio Download - 17MB mp3

 Cluster E Intro (Orbit) - Marco Gruteser, Rutgers
Audio Download - 15MB mp3

 Cluster B Intro (PlanetLab) - Larry Peterson, Princeton
Audio Download - 16MB mp3

 Cluster C Intro (ProtoGENI) - Rob Ricci, Utah
Audio Download - 17MB mp3

 Cluster A Intro (DETER) - John Wroclawski, USC/ISI
Audio Download - 17MB mp3

Welcome to GEC3 Participants

Selected Project Talks (End-to-End Slicing)

 Spiral 1 End-to-End Overview - Heidi Picher Dempsey, GPO
Audio Download - 17MB mp3

 BEN Overview - Ilia Baldine, RENCI
Audio Download 20MB mp3

 Vehicular Mobile Network Overview - Brian Levine, UMass Amherst
Audio Download 12MB mp3

 SPP Overview - Jon Turner, Washington Univ.

Workshop Reports

 Opt-In Workshop Report - Craig Partridge, BBN
 NetSE Report - Ellen Witte Zegura, Georgia Tech
Audio Download 30MB mp3

NLR and Internet2 Connectivity Briefings

 Internet2 Infrastructure and Services to Support GENI Projects - Rick Summerhill, Internet2
Audio Download 13MB mp3

 NLR Connectivity and Services for GENI - Matt Mathis, PSC
Audio Download 16MB mp3

 The Quilt - Jen Leasure, The Quilt
Audio Download 6MB mp3

Control Framework Team Breakout Meetings

Wednesday, October 29

Control Framework Working Group Session

 Agenda - John Wroclawski, WG Chair
Audio Download 8MB mp3

 SE Report - Harry Mussman, GPO
Audio Download 19MB mp3

Lightning Talks

 Federated Identity and Shibboleth Concepts - Rick Summerhill, Internet2
 Beyond Federated Identity: Federated Access - Marc Stiegler, HP Labs
Audio Download 9MB mp3

 Essential GENI - Larry Peterson, Princeton Univ

Project Talks

 Instrumentation and Measurement for GENI - Joel Sommers, Colgate University
Audio Download 17MB mp3

 Sensor Virtualization and Slivering in an Outdoor Wide-Area Wireless GENI Sensor/Actuator Network Testbed - David Irwin, University of Massachusetts – Amherst
Audio Download 16MB mp3

 Digital Object Registry - Larry Lannom, CNRI
Audio Download 18MB mp3

 Mid-Atlantic Crossroads (MAX) Overview - Peter O’Neil, University of Maryland / Mid-Atlantic Crossroads
Audio Download - 5MB mp3

 Mid-Atlantic Crossroads (MAX) DRAGON API - Jaroslav Flidr, University of Maryland / Mid-Atlantic Crossroads
Audio ( partial ) Download 7MB mp3

Project Poster Session

Opt-in Working Group Breakout Session

 Agenda - Henning Schulzrinne, WG Chair

 SE Report - Harry Mussman, GPO

Lightning Talks

 Understanding and Resolving Conflicts Between Network Research and the Commodity Internet - Larry Peterson, Princeton Univ

Project Talks

 A Prototype of a Million-Node GENI - Thomas Anderson, University of Washington – Seattle
 Bringing Experimenters and External Connectivity to GENI - Nick Feamster, Georgia Tech
 Prototyping Techniques to Implement Opt-In - Matt Mathis, Pittsburg Supercomputing Center

Substrate Working Group Breakout Session

 SE Report - John Jacob, GPO

Project Talks

 Programmable Edge Node Overview - Yan Luo, U. Mass, Lowell
 GpENI: Great Plains Environment for Network Innovation - James P.G. Sterbenz, The University of Kansas
 Optical Access Networks - Chunming Qiao, SUNY Buffalo
 Programmable WiMax Basestation - Ivan Seskar, WINLAB, Rutgers
 Kansei Project Overview, Anish Arora, OSU
 Optical Metrics Overview - Keren Bergman, Columbia

Thursday, October 30

 Computing Community Consortium (CCC) Report - Ed Lazowska, University of Washington

Experimenter Workflow and Services Working Group Breakout Session

 Experimenter Workflow and Services Working Group -- Jeff Chase (WG Chair)
 Experiment Life Cycle - Vic Thomas, GPO

"Project Talks"

 Gush - Jeannie Albrecht, Williams College
 Raven - John Hartman, The University of Arizona
 Instrumentation Tools for a GENI Prototype - James Griffioen and Zongming Fei, University of Kentucky
 Data Plane Measurements - Deniz Gurkan, University of Houston

"Lightning Talks"

 Digital Object Architecture - Giridhar Manepalli, CNRI
 Orbit Measurement Layer - Max Ott, NICTA
 Slice Control and Programmability in Wireless Sensor Networks - Hongwei Zhang and Anish Arora, Ohio State University

OMIS Working Group Breakout Session

 GENI 2008 Operations Security Internship summary - Ketly Jean-Pierre, Howard
 OMIS SE presentation - Mike Patton, GPO SE

Project Talks

 GENI Meta-Operations Center Introduction - Jon-Paul Herron, Global NOC at IU
 Promoting GENI at 4 year colleges - Pierre Tiako, Langston University

Lightning Talks

 NetFPGA Status Update - John W. Lockwood, Stanford University

Asia Report

EU Report
 Future Internet Research in Europe, FIRE, and the OneLab Project - Timur Friedman, Scientific Director, OneLab

OpenFlow Demo
 Enterprise GENI - Nick McKeown and the Stanford OpenFlow Team, Stanford Uniersity

Feedback on GPO

GPO Funding for Solicitation 2

 GPO Funding for Solicitation 2- Chip Elliott