Draft Agenda for OMIS meeting at GEC4

The Fourth GENI Engineering Conference will be held in Miami, FL from March 31 to April 2, 2009. The OMIS WG will meet from 9AM to 11AM on Thursday, April 2. This is the draft agenda for what we will do during that time. This may be tight on time, but any suggestions for other topics that should be added can be sent to the Chair/SE or to the mailing list for discussion.


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Minutes of 03/17/09 OMIS meeting with more discussion of this agenda

OMIS working group meeting: agenda and goals review for GEC4


All agreed that draft agenda and times on wiki for GEC4 OMIS meeting were good. All also agreed that we want to have at least half the time for each talk be discussion, not slides, so try to make talks that will work that way.

Slides or whatever material will be used for the meeting should be posted on the existing wiki page as soon as they are ready. No later than 4/1, but earlier is better. In particular, we'd like people to be able to look at the material in advance as they are trying to figure out when (or whether) to be at Opt-In or at OMIS.

wiki page at

Comments from Heidi Dempsey: O&M survey discussion will be an attempt to get folks in the room to list open-source and commercial tools and software that they think are useful for GENI operations. There's an existing wiki poll that was our first (failed) attempt at this:

And there's a "technology survey" item on the OMIS charter that we are basically trying to get quick-and-dirty input for at this OMIS meeting.

If there's more discussion than what fits in the 10 minutes, we can take some time out of the RUP talk. There will be a mailing list follow-up too, since many of the people who might want to comment won't be in the room.

Comments from Steve Schwab:

There is also a security talk that Steve is giving in the control working group meeting, which is the day before OMIS. Expect the control talk to be focused more in implementation "nitty gritty", and what specifically the control frameworks need to do for security (especially in Spiral 1). The OMIS talk will focus more on explaining to projects and participants what the security policy means for their work, and what the implications are for setting up research users and operating infrastructure that is on GENI. Campus environments especially will be something that should cause discussion. Steve will mention the OMIS security discussion in the control working group meeting.

Comments from Jon-Paul Herron:

Jon-Paul plans to cover the GMOC data sharing document, which is getting close to a final draft, and the data format document, which is very detailed, and probably farther away from representing a group consensus. Expecting lots of discussion, especially from control frameworks that really haven't provided feedback yet. (HPD to send emails to those control frameworks asking them to make sure someone from their group attends this talk.)

Comments from Mike Patton:

Mike didn't say much about his addressing and routing presentation in the meeting. More in subsequent email/postings.

General Discussions:

The lightning talks can be expanded or shrunk if we need more/less time for discussions on the main topics. Mike may have a topic to discuss as a lightning topic, depending on whether it fits in his addressing and routing talk or not: What are the "transition points" in GENI development that cause us as a group to need to do operations differently? Some we talked about (there are more): 1) when projects are actually using GENI infrastructure, instead of just their own GENI project resources hooked to the Internet 2) when users who haven't been on GENI development teams start using GENI 3) when opt-in users start showing up.

We need to send a message to a wider list than the two working groups that we've posted to so far, letting people know what topics are going to be discussed at the OMIS meeting and why they might want to be there. HPD to do this. Maybe send to the dev list, as that hits all GENI PIs and developers.

We need to discuss the process for "approving" documents in OMIS. The RUP would be the first to exercise this. Generally, our goal is to get rough consensus in the room that a document should or shouldn't move forward in becoming a "final" document. We don't really vote on this, because we need "rough consensus" more than a simple vote. But one person objecting doesn't necessarily stop the document either. Whatever the process is, it should include something that represents what people thought about the document at the meeting, and something that follows up on the mailing list as a kind of "waiting period" after the group has agreed, to give people not physically present a chance to weigh in. In any case, OMIS needs to send advance warning to people when documents are to be discussed in OMIS and action to continue or not continue is being taken at a particular meeting. HPD to send out a message to this effect (again, maybe to the dev list).

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