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GENI Instrumentation and Measurements Architecture, Version 0.1

An effort is underway to define and document the GENI Instrumentation and Measurements Architecture.

+ Completed by GEC7: v0.1 DRAFT, by GPO
+ Completed by GEC8: v0.5 DRAFT, by GPO, with revised outline and contributions after 2nd workshop
+ In preparation: v1.0 DRAFT, including contributions from WG

A first DRAFT (v0.1) was completed by the GPO: GENI I&M Architecture document
This DRAFT includes proposed I&M services and a proposed configuration

Document outline:

  1. Document Scope
  2. Introduction
  3. Definition and configuration of I&M services
  4. Interfaces, protocols and schema for Measurement Data (MD)
  5. Ownership of MD and privacy of owners
  6. Interfaces, protocols and APIs for using I&M services
  7. Basic GENI I&M use cases
  8. MD transport via the GENI Measurement Plane
  9. Discovery, authorization, assignment and binding of GENI I&M services
  10. Measurement Orchestration (MO) service
  11. Measurement Point (MP)
  12. Time-stamping MD
  13. Measurement Collection (MC) service
  14. Measurement Analysis and Presentation (MAP) service
  15. Measurement Data Archive (MDA) service
  16. Additional GENI I&M use cases

This document was reviewed at the Inst&Meas WG meeting at GEC7: slides

A second DRAFT (v0.5) was completed by the GPO, with input from the 2nd I&M Workshop:

This DRAFT has a revised outline:

Document outline:

  1. Document Scope
  2. Introduction
  3. Instrumentation and Measurement (I&M) Use Cases
  4. Configuration of I&M services
  5. Interfaces to I&M Services
  6. Measurement Traffic Flows
  7. Schema and Protocols for Measurement Data (MD) Flows/File Transfers
  8. Ownership of MD and Privacy of Owners
  9. APIs and Protocols for Using I&M Services
  10. Discovery, Authorization, Assignment and Binding of GENI I&M Services
  11. Measurement Orchestration (MO) service
  12. Measurement Point (MP)Service
  13. Time-stamping MD
  14. Measurement Information (MI) Service
  15. Measurement Collection (MC) Service
  16. Measurement Analysis and Presentation (MAP) Service
  17. Measurement Data Archive (MDA) Service

A third DRAFT (v1.0) is in preparation, with input from the WG.

The community is invited to help prepare and review this draft, and provide comments, additions or changes to the Inst&Meas WG SE, Harry Mussman, at

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