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GENI Instrumentation and Measurements Architecture

An effort is underway to define and document the GENI Instrumentation and Measurements Architecture.

A first DRAFT (v0.1) was completed by the GPO: GENI I&M Architecture (Document ID: GENI-SE-IM-ARCH-0.1, Date: March 8, 2010)
This document was reviewed at the Inst&Meas WG meeting at GEC7: slides

A second DRAFT (v0.5) was completed by the GPO, with input from the 2nd I&M Workshop: GENI I&M Architecture (Document ID: GENI-SE-IM-ARCH-0.5, Date: July 22, 2010)

A third DRAFT (v1.0) is in preparation, with input from the WG: GENI I&M Architecture (Document ID: GENI-SE-IM-ARCH-1.0, Date: December 20, 2010)

The figures are currently in separate files: Figures 4.x
Figures 6.x
Figures 7.x
Figures 16.x

The community is invited to help prepare and review this draft, and provide comments, additions or changes to the Inst&Meas WG SE, Harry Mussman, at

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