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GENI aggregates

This page is an index of the GENI aggregates that are currently available for GENI experimenters to use. GENI rack resources are available to any experimenter with valid GENI credentials. (GENI rack resources have "InstaGENI" or "ExoGENI" in their name.) Some other aggregates listed here have additional access requirements. See each page for details on usage policies.

Aggregate providers please use the InstaGENI template to create a page for your InstaGENI Compute Resources or InstaGENI FOAM aggregate, or the ExoGENI template to create a page for your ExoGENI Compute Resources or ExoGENI FOAM aggregate. For other types of aggregates you may use this template.

List of GENI aggregates

*See the Network Core page for information on GENI core networks.
*See the Emergency Stop page for information on Emergency Stop in GENI.